Altars On Fire

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“The fire shall ever be burning upon the altar; it shall never go out”. Leviticus

6:13 There were many reasons why the fire had to be kept burning on the altar during the  dispensation above. Occasions such as the Passover, sin offering, meat offering, trespass  offering, festivals that required animal sacrifices. The priest must be able to attend to these  needs at any time, be it morning, noon or night. But in our current dispensation, this has been  done away with. We no longer bring animals before the Lord as sacrifices.  The blood of Jesus Christ, shed once and for all eternity is sufficient. This is our hope,  confidence, and faith.  

And now, every redeemed child of God is an altar set apart for the King of kings to dwell  within, and we must still keep the fire burning on this altar endlessly. 

The fire on our altar signifies that we are quickened by the Holy Spirit to offer endless  worship to God.  

The Bible says that He made His ministers’ flames of fire’. Fire represents the presence  of the Holy Spirit. 


Lord, make me your living altar. Empower me to keep the fire of the Holy Spirit burning  endlessly in my life in Jesus name. 

BIBLE READINGS: Leviticus 6:8-12 



“Ki ina ki o maa jo titi lori pepe na, ko gbodo ku lai.” Lefitiku 6:13 

Opolopo ni awon eredi ti ina fi gbodo maa jo lori pepe ni igba wonni. Awon akoko bii ajo  irekoja, ebo ese, ebo irekoja ni won nfi eran se. Alufa si gbodo se eyi yala ni owuro tabi ni asale. Sugbon ni aye ode oni, ohun gbogbo ti yato, ko tun si wipe a n mu eran wa lati fi rubo si Olorun. 

Eje Jesu Kristi, eyiti a ta sile leekan ati fun ayeraye ti to fun wa. Eyi ni ireti, igboya ati  igbagbo wa. 

Nitorinaa, nisisiyi, onikuluku omo Olorun ti a ti rapada ni o je pepe ti a ya soto ki Oba  awon oba ki o le maa gbe ninu re. a si gbodo ri wipe ina njo lori pepe naa laiku. Ina ori pepe wa a maa fihan wipe Emi mimo nso wa ji lati fi iyin ailopin fun Olorun. Bibeli wipe O fi iranse re se ‘owo ina’. Ina tumosi ifarahan Emi mimo. 


Oluwa, se mi ni pepe re, ran mi lowo ki ina emi mi ki ole maa jo titi lae. Amin

BIBELI KIKA: Lefitiku 6:8-12 

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