INTRODUCTION: The service of this department in the community is fulfilled through the provision of help and support in various degrees to both members and non-members of JCLI. Our anchor scripture in this department will be taken from Jesus’ words in Matthew 25 vs 34-40; clothing the naked (homeless, widows, orphans etc.); looking after the sick and vulnerable (e.g., the elderly and disabled); accommodating the ‘strangers’ i.e., visitors, guests, and other non-members; providing for the hungry and thirsty; visiting the incarcerated, bereaved, outcasts of society etc. As we serve those who society class as the ‘least’, we believe we are serving Christ and therefore carry out our service with a willing heart.
VISION STATEMENT: Our vision is to have the capacity to attend to the (financial & non-financial) needs of both members and non-members of JCLI. It is our desire that the light of Christ will shine through our good works both within and outside our church community; this way, we make the love of God known to humanity.
MISSION STATEMENT: Our mission is to provide relevant support and help to members of JCLI at all levels; ministers and members, young and old, male and female – every member is our target audience.

– Welfare: Our goal is that members and inhabitants of our community can experience the love of Christ and see the gospel in action through our service. Christ is the centre of our good deeds to others.
– Visitation: Internally, we can look at visiting members who have not been frequent at services, members who are sick, members who are bereaved, families who have been blessed with an addition (newborns) etc.
Externally, we can visit orphanages, prisons or the ‘outcasts’ of society.
– Charity: Our goal is to explore undertaking charitable deeds as a church for both members and non-members.

– This is to ensure we assist members of the church in need of assistance to meet their basic needs.
– Support needy members of the community with necessities through established charities / shelters, within our means by distributing non-perishable food stuff, etc.
– Welfare Department Activities
– Organize for clothing and non-perishable food items drive to assist those in need within and outside the church
– Categorizing charitable organizations / shelters that the church can partner with.
– Identifying those in need within the congregation and discretely approaching them

For more information, please contact JEGLO – Jerusalem Evangelism and Global Outreach ([email protected])

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