Divine Satisfaction Is God’s Gift




“I know that there is nothing better for people than to be happy and to do good while  they live. …this is the gift of God.” Ecclesiastes 3:12-13 NIV 

We do pray for diverse gifts and blessings from God our Father, but the revelation is,  without having satisfaction in what we have, it’s certain that we’ll always be on the quest for  more, not being able to separate our needs from our wants. As Christians, our lives must be  identified with our needs to fulfil God’s purpose in life. It is in this only that we can receive  divine satisfaction that will enable us not to chase after vanity. It teaches us to be content with  God’s gifts. Satisfaction in who we are as a male or female, in our complexion whether dark,  fair, white, or black, will enable us to love ourselves as we are. Satisfaction in having a good car  to ride will save us from chasing after the latest model as a ‘must have’. It is by satisfaction that we are grateful to God for having a house of our own and not wanting to build more when we  are not in the property business.  

Brethren, divine satisfaction is a feeling given by God to His own for them to be able to  enjoy their provision and toil on earth. So, if you claim to be a child of God and you lack  satisfaction, something is seriously wrong, because it is God’s desire that His own be satisfied.  Remember, the righteous will enjoy the produce of their farm, but the wicked will not.


Father, fill me with divine satisfaction to be able to enjoy your provisions for my life.

BIBLE READINGS: Ecclesiastes 5:18-20 



Emi mo pe ko si rere ninu won, bikosepe ki eniyan ki o maa yo, ki o si maa se rere li aiya  re. ati pelu ki olukuluku eniyan ki o maa je ki o si maa mu, ki o si maa jadun gbogbo laala  re, ebun Olorun ni.” Oniwaasu 3:12-13 

A n gbadura fun oniruuru ebun ati ibukun lati owo Olorun Baba wa. Sugbon ifihan ni  wipe, laini itelorun ninu eyi ti a ti gba lowo Olorun, o daju wipe a o tunbo maa wasi, a ki yio mo  eyi ti a nilo yato si eyi ti a fe. Gege bi omo lehin Kristi, aye wa gbodo wa ni ibamu pelu ife lati mu  idi iwasaye wa eyiti Olorun ti la kale se. Ninu eyi nikan ni a le ri itelorun gba eyi ti ki yio je ki a  maa lepa ohun asan. Eyi ni o maa n ko wa lati ni itelorun pelu ebun Olorun, ninu wipe a je  okunrin tabi obinrin, ninu awo ara, boya dudu, pupa tabi funfun yio mu wa feran ara wa gege bi  a ti ri. Itelorun nigbati o ba n gun oko ti o dara ki yio je ki o maa sare lati ra oko igbalode gege bi  ohun ti o gbodo ni. Nipa itelorun ni a n fi emi imoore han si Olorun wipe a ni ile ti ara wa lai  gbiyanju lati ko omiran si bi eni ti n ta ile. 

Ara, itelorun je ohun ti Olorun maa n fun awon tire ki won baa le gbadun ipese ati laalaa  won laye. Nitorina, bi o ba ka ara re si omo Olorun, ti o ko ni itelorun, awon ohun kan nfe  atunse. Ranti wipe Olorun mu ki ojo ro si oko gbogbo eniyan lai wo bi won je eni rere tabi enia  buburu, sugbon ni itelorun, olododo yio je ere oko won sugbon enia buburu ki yio ni itelorun.


Baba ni Oruko Jesu, fi emi itelorun kun aye mi ki n le je igbadun awon ipese re fun aye mi. Amin

BIBELI KIKA: Oniwaasu 5:18-20 

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