Economy Downturn

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God Romans 8:28
Although our nation has experienced economic downturns before, but this one is unique. Its causes are numerous and intricate. It is worldwide in scope, and no one is certain of its duration. God often makes us experience financial hardship in a failing economy in order to make clear to us what is most important. And at some point throughout those spiritual twists, you come to recognise that you have made money, job achievement, you then have to decide whether to accept God as your Lord, and your Master or to carry on living the way the world does and risk becoming a victim of the subsequent recession or downsizing. When a financial storm hits our life unexpectedly, often without warning, we turn to God in those circumstances, because we don’t know what to do or who to turn to. When you choose God, you also begin to choose God’s priorities for your life. Financial hardship and adversity can bring us closer to God. Choose to cede power to God at that point and put your faith in Him to safeguard your future. When you cede power to God, things don’t necessarily start to turn around right away. However, you won’t be alone in the struggle for a better life and living. And you start to realise that God is always trustworthy and able to make the best of any situation.

O Lord, do not forsake me in the times of my need, for I have chosen to serve you, endow me with the spirit of humbleness, in the midst of plenty. Amen.
BIBLE READINGS:  Romans 8:1-28

Awa si mo pe oun gbogbo li o nsise po si rere fun awon ti o fe Olorun Romans 8:28
Orile ede wa ti ni iriri oro aje to dorikodo, sugbon eleyi yato. Oun ti o faa si po. O kari aye, ko si eni ti o mo igba ti yio lo. Igba miran, Olorun maa nje ki a ni idojuko nipa ti owo ninu oro aje ti o nkuna ki o le han si wa kedere awon oun tio se pataki. Nigba ti awon oun wonyi ba nsele, ti o ri wipe o ti ni owo, ati ise ti o dara, igba naa ni o ni lati pinu  boya o maa gba oluwa gegebi Oluwa re abi o fe maa gbe igbe aye ti won ngbe ninu aye, ki o si je alabapin ninu idorikodo oro aje. Nigbati eto isuna re ba dorikodo lai ro tele, Olorun ni a ma nsa to, nitori ko si elomiran ti a fe lo ba. Nigba ti o ba yan Olorun, oo ma fi awon oun ti Olorun siwaju ninu aye re. Ipenija nipa owo ma nmu wa sunmo Olorun, fi oun gbogbo sile fun Olorun ni asiko yi, ki o si fi igbagbo re si inu re ki o le toju ojo iwaju re. Igba ti o ba jowo oungbogbo fun Oluwa, kiise esekese ni oungbogbo a maa yi pada. Sugbon ko ni je iwo nikan ni yio ma da se ilakaka fun igbe aye ti o dara. Oo si maa ri wipe Olorun je olotito o si le mu oun rere jade ninu ounkoun ti o nsele.

Oluwa, mase ko mi sile ni akoko ainsi mi, tori mo ti yan lati sin o, fun mi ni emi irele nigbati mo ba wa ninu opo. Amin
BIBELI KIKA: Romans 8 :1- 28

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