El Shaddai Said It Is Finished

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ.” Eph 1:3

El Shaddai, the Jewish word for God Almighty, connotes that He is the God who is all-adequate. He is all that could possibly be needed. Jesus Christ nailed your wrongdoing to the cross. He nailed your past to the cross. You are not a fixed up, to some degree further developed rendition of your old self. Every one of the old things died, and He made everything new. You are a new creation! He made a public scene of dismissal at the cross. The adversary endeavours to utilize the past to bring guilt and judgment. He puts his finger in injuries from a long time ago to revive the aggravation and disgrace. However, El Shaddai is all that anyone could need! The cross addresses our complete victory! Satan thought that the cross was the end, however Jesus was simply getting everything started. When He announced, “It is finished” Satan found that the word IT IS FINISH introduced a fresh start for us. Shackles fell weak. Addictions were broken. Demolished lives were reclaimed. Broken hearts were re-established. Broken dreams were resuscitated. Each guarantee that He made, He has kept. Through each preliminary, He has been a Companion who sticks close. He has never deserted us in the trouble hours. He has met each inadequacy. Don’t bother truly pondering… He is all that could possibly be needed.

Jesus has liberated me from my past. My future is in the hands of God – full of joy and honour and reward. He has set me free!
BIBLE READINGS: 2 Corinthians 5: 1-21


“Olubukun li Olorun ati Baba Jesu Kristi Oluwa wa, eniti o ti fi gbogbo ibukun emi ninu awon orun bukun wa ninu Kristi.” Efesu 1:3

El-shaddai, Olorun alagbara ni ede ju, tumo si pe on ni Ohun gbogbo ninu ohun gbogbo. On nikan ni a nilo. Jesu Kristi ti kan asise re mo agbelebu, o kan igba atijo re mo agbelebu, iwo kii se eni atijo mo, eni atijo ni ti ku, o si so ohun gbogbo di otun. O ti di eda titun. O muu kuro lori igi agbelebu, gbogbo igbiyanju ota lati maa mu ebi, idajo wa nipase asise re nigba atijo ati itiju, ni o ti fi iso owo re ra. Wayi, El-Shaddai ni gbogbo ohun ti eniyan nfe. Isegun wa di asepe lori igi agbelebu. Satani lero wipe agbelebu yio je opin, sugbon o je ibere fun Jesu. Nigba ti o kigbe wipe “o pari”, satani ri wipe oro naa “o pari” fun wa ni ibere otun, awon ide ja, ogun se, awon aye ti o ti baje gba atunse, okan alaare gba imularada, awon afojusun ati ala ti o ti doku, pada soji, gbogbo ileri ti o se ni o mu se.
Ninu gbogbo re, o je alabaro ti n sun mo ni. Ko tile ko wa sile ri ninu isoro, o si ti tan gbogbo isoro. Ma se aniyan pupo, ohun nikan ni o nilo.

Oluwa ti gba mi kuro ninu igba atijo mi. ojo ola mi mbe lowo re – o kun fun ola, iyi ati ere. O ti tu mi sile!
BIBELI KIKA: 2 Korinti 5: 1- 21

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