Fix Your Eyes On The Lord, His Grace Will Prevail For You


“At the King’s commands the men who had falsely accused Daniel where brought in and thrown into the lion’s den.” Daniel 6:24

Daniel was doing better than all his colleagues, so they conspired to get him out of the way. Daniel 6:5 says, “Then these men said, We shall not find any charge against this Daniel unless we find it against him concerning the law of his God”. This reveals that they have tried to implicate him in every other area of life, but could not succeed because of his high moral standing. If the GRACE of God will prevail for us, we must maintain a high moral standard in the secret as well as in the open. We, therefore, frustrate His grace when we live in a secret immoral life. When they could not succeed from his moral angle, they decided to grab him through his spiritual lifestyle. While you maintain a good spiritual stand with God, you must never give the enemy the opportunity to exploit you morally.
Finally, just as they were rejoicing over Daniel, ending in the lion’s den, God turned the table around delivered Daniel, and caused them to end up in the lion’s den.

O Lord grant me the grace to fix my eyes on you till the end of day. Amen.
BIBLE READINGS: Daniel 6:5-28


“Oba si pase pe ki a mu awon okunrin wonni wa, ti o fi Danieli sun, nwon si gbe won so sinu iho kiniun, awon ati awon omo won, ati awon aya won. ki nwon ki o to de isale iho, awon kiniun bori won, nwon si fo egungun won tuutuu.” Danieli 6: 24.

Danieli tayo ju awon elegbe re gbogbo, nitorinaa, won gbimo po lati muu kuro lona. Danieli 6:5 so wipe “Nigbanaa ni awon okunrin wonyi wipe”, “Awa ki yio le ri esun kan si Danieli bikosepe a ba ri sii nipase ofin Olorun re”. eyi tumo si wipe won ti gbiyanju ni gbogbo ona lati se akoba fun un, sugbon ti won ko ri mu nitori ti o je oniwa rere ati omoluabi eniyan. Bi oore ofe olorun yio ba to fun wa, awa naa agbodo je oniwa rere ati omoluabi eniyan ni gbangba ati ni ikoko. Nigba ti a ba n gbe ninu ese ikoko, a n kuna ooreofe Re. Nigba ti won ko rii mu nipa iwa re, won pinnu lati mu nipase igba aye re nipa ti emi. Niwon igba ti o ba ni ibasepo ti o dan moran pelu Olorun, o ko gbodo fi aye sile fun ota lati mu o nipase iwa re. Lakotan, bi won ti nyo wipe a so Danieli si inu iho Kiniun, Olorun yi oro naa pada, o ko Danieli yo, a si so gbogbo awon ota re, ati awon aya, ati awon omo sinu iho kiniun.

Oluwa, fun mi ni ooreofe lati teju mi mo o titi ojo aye mi. Amin
BIBELI KIKA: Daniel 6:5-28

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