God Gives Songs Part 2

“And when they had sung an hymn, they went out into the mount of Olives” Mark 14: 26

To round up the Last Supper, the Lord took a hymn together with His disciples. He was about to make His most difficult trip to the Cross. Looking at the example of our Lord, it is good to sing psalms and hymns regularly. Also, it is wonderful to take a hymn during Holy Communion. However, from our Lord’s experience, hymns should be taken before embarking on very tough divine assignments. Some people do not think they should sing when sad or depressed but the Lord defers. He sang a hymn as was His custom while going to the Cross. If He did this, we too can take a hymn while going through storms, persecution or difficulties. When you are about to undertake a difficult assignment, you need every strength you can get. Hymns are veritable sources of spiritual strength for the committed believer. Taking hymns in hard times can give you the required stamina to go through it. Every divinely inspired hymn has an anointing over it which is released whenever the hymn is taken under a conducive spiritual environment.

BIBLE READING: Psalm 40: 1-3

PRAYER: Grant me the strength to worship and praise you O Lord during trying times


“Nigba ti won si ko ori kan tan, won jade lo sori oke Olifi.” Marku 14:26

Lati se asekagba ounje ale Oluwa, Oluwa ko orin pelu awom omo eyin re. o ti setan lati bere irin ajo re si agbelebu. Ti a ba fi Oluwa wa se apeere, o dara lati maa ko orin mimo ati orin iyin loorekoore. Bakan na, o dara lati ko orin iyin nigba ti a ba n gba ara Oluwa. Sugbon, lati iriri Olorun wa, orin iyin ni ki a ko ki a to bere lati se ise emi ti o lagbara pupo. Awon miiran ko ro wipe o ye ki won ko orin nigba ti won ba n binuje tabi okan won daru sugbon Olorun je iyato si eleyii. O ko orin iyin gege bi ise re nigba ti o n lo si ori agbelebu. Ti o ba le se eleyi, awa na le ko orin iyin ti a ba n la iji, inunibini tabi isoro koja. Nigba ti o fa ba fe da owo le ise ti o soro, o nilo gbogbo agbara ti o le ri. Orin iyin je orisun agbara fun onigbagbo ti ko ye ese. Kiko orin iyin nigba isoro le fun o ni agbara ti o nilo lati la isoro naa koja. Gbogbo orin ti a fi imisi Emi Mimo ko ni ami ororo lori re, eyi ti a tu sile nigba ti orin naa ba wa ni abe ayika ti o dara fun gbigbe Emi Mimo.

BIBELI KIKA: Orin Dafidi 40: 1-3

ADURA: Fun mi ni agbara lati sin ati lati yin o Oluwa nigba isoro mi. Amin.

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