His Finished Work




“When Jesus therefore had received the vinegar, he said it is finished; and bowed his  head, and gave up the ghost” John 19:30 

It was a cry of victory when Jesus cried, ‘IT IS FINISHED’ on the cross of Calvary. God  accepts Christ’s finished work on the Cross of Calvary on your account. God preordained that all  who believe in Jesus are fully accepted in His beloved Son. The peace, love and acceptance of  God is only through Jesus. Without the assurance of this precious fact, many live a life of daily  dissatisfaction. Without the confidence in His words, many spend their years in mistrust.  

God’s acceptance of us is based on one thing, THE FINISHED WORK of the Lord Jesus on  the cross of Calvary. Being justified by faith, we have peace with God through Jesus Christ, He is  unchanged and unchangeable forever. We are free by the FINISHED WORK on the cross from  the enemy of man (devil) who is now repugnant to us. Through the finished work, we have an  assurance that our salvation is secured. To add anything to the finished work of Christ is to say  his death was insufficient. To add anything to Christ’s sacrifice is to deny his triumphant cry, “IT  IS FINISHED”. When we believe in the finished work on the cross, we will experience the  manifestation of God’s grace in our daily lives.  


Dear Lord, give me the strength to believe in your finished work on the cross, so that I will be  able to use it wisely in my daily life. Amen 

BIBLE READINGS: John 3:16-18 


“Nitori naa nigba ti Jesu si ti gba oti kikan naa, O wipe o pari: o si te ori re ba, o jowo emi  re lowo.” John 19:30 

Ariwo isegun ni Jesu ke ni gba ti o so wipe “O Pari” lori igi agbelebu. O tumo si wipe, o ti  pari. Olorun ti gba ise Kristi ti o ti pari lori igi agbelebu, o si tig baa titi lai. 

Gbogbo awon ti o ba Gbagbo ninu Kristi ni Olorun gba gegebi omo. Alafia ati ife Olorun wa  nipase omo re. 

Laisi idaniloju eyi, opo eniyan ni yio ma gbe igbe aye aini itelorun, laisi idaniloju ninu oro  re, opo ni yio ma gbe igbe aye won ninu aigbagbo. 

Olorun gba wa nitori ise aspe ti Jesu oluwa ti se lori igi agbelebu. A da alare nipa igbagbo, a si ni  alaafia pelu olorun nipase Jesu. Ko yipada titi lailai. 

Atuwasile lowo ota nipa ise asepe Jesu lori igi. Nipa ise asepe Jesu lori igi, a ni idanloju wipe  igbala wa daju. Ko si oun ti a lefikun ise asepe naa lori igi, afi ti a ba so wipe iku re o to funwa. Ti a ba fi ounkoun kun ifarajin Kristi, o tumo si wipe a ko Gbagbo ninu ariwo isegun ti o  pa wipe “O Pari”. Ti a ba Gbagbo ninu ise asepe Kristi, ao ri ifarahan oore ofe Olorun nini igbe  aye wa ojoojumo. 

(Eko Kika fun Oye: John 3:16-18) 


Oluwa, fun mi ni agbara lati Gbagbo ninu ise asepe re lori igi agbelebu, ki nle fi ogbon lo o ninu  igbe ayemi ojoojumo. Amin  

BIBELI KIKA: Eksodu 8:16-19a 

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