IN THE MIDST OF STORM


“Jesus was in the storm, sleeping on a cushion.” Mark 4:38

After a busy day, Jesus suggested an evening boat trip across the lake. Soon he was napping while the disciples handled the oars. But then a sudden squall came upon them. Where was Jesus? “Jesus was in the stern” that is, in the back of the boat and in the midst of this squall he was “sleeping on a cushion.” This startling story reminds us that Jesus is present in the stormy times of our lives, the severe, harsh, hard times. And when he rebukes the storm “Quiet! Be still!”, the disciples know that he cares for them in their times of severe struggle and even fear and terror. Some time later the disciples were alone in a boat on that same lake, “straining at the oars, because the wind was against them.” Jesus “went out to them, walking on the lake” (Mark 6:48). Again he was present in a severe time.


PRAYER: Jesus, please remind us that even in severe, stormy times you are with us in your mercy. In your name we hope. Amen.

                                                         NI AARIN IJI


“Jesu wa ni idi oko, o n sun lori irori.” Marku 4: 38

Lehin opo ise lojo naa, Jesu wipe, e je ki a rekoja si apa keji. O n sun nigbati awon omo ehin re n ba iji yi, sugbon lojiji ni won wipe, nibo ni Jesu wa? Jesu wa ni idi oko, ati pe ninu iji yii, O n “sun lori irori.” Isele yii ran wa leti wipe Jesu wa ninu gbogbo iji aye wa, igba ti o le, igba ti ko rorun ati igba to nira. Nigba ti  o ba si ba iji wi, wipe-Dake je!. Awon omo ehin re mo wipe o n boju to won ni akoko idojuko won, eru ati ijaya. Ni igba miran, awon omo ehin nikan wa ninu oko loju omi, won ntiraka nitoriti afefe sowo odi si won, Jesu to won lo, o n rin lori omi, Marku 6:48. O si tun wa nibe nigba ti o nira

BIBELI KIKA: Marku 4:35-41

ADURA: Jesu, jowo ran wa leti wipe ni igba isoro, igba iji, o wa pelu wa ninu aanu Re. ninu Re ni awa ni ireti. Amin


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