Satisfying Desires

“For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.” 1 John 2:16

Consistently satisfying our desires in a manner contrary to the Word of God or consistently giving in to passions of the flesh/fleshly lusts will ultimately tear down the believer. To entertain such desires may appear attractive and harmless, but they are enemies which inflict harm on the Christian’s soul, making us spiritually weak and ineffective. From the usual list of carnal desires, one could also perhaps add the carnal desire to be accepted by society, which motivates ungodly behaviour that is nevertheless socially acceptable. When we read the exhortation to abstain from fleshly lusts which war against the soul, we think immediately of sexual sins. But the application is wider than that; it refers to any strong desire that is inconsistent
with the will of God. It would include overindulgence in food or drink, catering to the body with excessive sleep. The determination to amass material possessions, or the longing for worldly pleasures wage incessant warfare against our spiritual well-being. They hinder communion with God.

God, let everything that will hinder my communion with you be put away by the power in the precious name of your son Jesus

BIBLE READINGS: Philippians 4



“Nitori ohun gbogbo ti mbe li aye, ifekufe ara, ati ifekufe oju, ati irera aiye, kii se ti Baba, bikose ti aiye.” 1 Johannu 2:16

Bi a ba nte ife okan wa lorun ni ona ti o lodi si ife Olorun ni gbogbo igba, tabi ti a n se ifekufe ara, eyi a maa mu ki onigbagbo jakule. Mimu ife ti ara se, a maa dara loju, yio si dabi ohun ti o lewu, sugbon won je ota ti n fi iya je okan onigbagbo, yio mu won ja kule ninu emi, won ki yio si le se ohun kohun. Ninu akosile ife ti ara, a tun le se afikun akosile naa pelu ife lati ba aye re. eyi ti n muni wu iwa ti ko dara loju Olorun sugbon ti o je itewogba ninu aye. Nigbati a ba ka oro eyi ti o wipe ki a yera fun ifekufe ara, eyi ti ba okan je, okan wa a maa lo si ese agbere, sugbon itumo re ju bee lo. O tumo si ife lile ti ko ba ife ti Olorun mu. Ajeju, tabi amuju, sise itoju ara pelu orun asunju. Ipinnu lati ko ohun aye jo, ifekufe ti aye ti n gbogun ti emi wa. Nwon a maa dena irepo wa pelu Olorun.


Olorun, mu ohunkohun ti yio dena irepo mi pelu re kuro nipa agbara ti mbe ninu oruko Jesu.Amin.


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