Sing New Songs

“I will sing of the mercies of the LORD for ever: with my mouth will I make known thy faithfulness to all generations.” Psalm 89:1

In the text, the Psalmist had a special melody to sing unto the LORD. The LORD is known as the “Ruler of Kings and Lord of Lords.” We need to sing in a way that reflects glory upon the King of the Universe and remember that our song unto the LORD is a most deserving One. What we really need to do is to sing a new song unto the King of kings. What it implies is that the Sovereignty and Majesty of God be continually proclaimed. While we sing His glory, let us also live in the glory of God. As Christians, we should keep on singing songs of praise. We should Worship Him who is “Our Strength and Our Salvation” and sing like we have never before. Sing! Sing!! Sing!!!

Father Lord, help me to always sing new songs to your Glory forever. Amen!



“Emi o maa korin aanu Oluwa lailai, enu mi li emi o maa fi fi otito re han lati iradiran.” Orin Dafidi 89:1

Ninu eko naa, onisaamu ko orin aladun ti o yato si Olorun, Olorun ni a n pe ni “Oba awon Oba ati Oluwa awon Oluwa”. A ni lati korin lona ti yio fi ogo fun oba gbogbo aye, ki a si ranti wipe, orin wa ye fun Olorun. Ohun ti a nilo lati se gan gan, ni lati korin iyin si Oba awon oba. Eyi tumo si wipe ki a kede, ki a fi iyin, ola nla ati agbara Olorun han. Nigba ti a ba korin, e je ki a gbe ninu ogo Olorun pelu. E je ki a maa se eyi nipa ogo Olorun. Gege bi onigbagbo, e je ki a tesiwaju lati maa ko awon orin iyin. Ki a korin yin eni ti n se “agbara wa ati Igbala wa” ki a si korin, iru eyi ti a ko tii ko ri. Korin! Korin!! Korin!!!

Oluwa, ran mi lowo lati le maa ko orin titun si ogo re titi lai. Amin!

BIBELI KIKA: Orin Dafidi 96

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