‘’The secret of the Lord is with them that fear Him; and He will shew them His covenant’’ Psalm 25: 14  

Almighty God does His works of healing and wonders the way it pleases Him. He  proffers divine solutions to different health challenges of His own people because He knows  the root cause of every health situation. I was among the first victims of Covid-19, when nobody  knew the disease and the name it bears. When it started, I assumed that it was malaria fever, so  I went to see our family doctor and I was treated for both malaria and typhoid fever because of  the symptoms and test report. But after the medications, my health was not better. By then, my  voice had seized, my throat and body were seriously aching. At a point, I could not lift my hands  and I started praying fervently within me for God’s miraculously healing because the hospital  could not diagnose anything. God answered my prayers on the 30th of October 2019 when we  had the visitation of the Holy Spirit during our monthly vigil.  

The Lord in His majesty declared that a raging pandemic had started that would be  attacking people’s lungs and gave us divine medication to use to defeat the killer disease. I  could have passed away from this world, but God made it a day of victory for me over the evil  disease. It’s only God that knows how He manifests His power to favour His own. PRAYER 

Every known or unknown disease in my body, be removed by the Lord’s secret healing power! BIBLE READINGS: Psalm 91:1-3 


“Asiri oluwa nbe pelu awon ti o beru re, yio si fi won mo majemu re.” Psalm 25:14 Olorun alagbara ma nse ise iwosan ati ise iyanu ni ona ti o wu. O ma nmu ona abayo wa  fun awon ipenija ilera awon eniyan re, nitori wipe o mo oungbogbo nipa ailera wa. Mo wa lara awon ti o koko se alabapade arun covid, nigba ti enikeni ko tile mo oruko re. nigba ti  o bere, mo lero wipe aisan iba ni, mo lo ri onisegun idile wa, won si toju mi fun iba nitori awon  esi ayewo ti won se fun mi. 

Sugbon lehin gbogbo oogun ti mo lo, ko si ayipada Kankan fun bi ose meji, nigba naa,  ohun mi o jade mo, gbogbo ara mi ati ona ofun mi ni o ndun mi, nko le gbe owo mi mo, mo wa  gbadura ninu mi fun iwosan Olorun ni ona iyanu, tori wipe awon ile iwosan o ri ounkoun. Olorun dahun adura mi ni ogbon ojo, osu kewa, odu 2019, nigba ti emimimo be wa wo ninu  isona wa ti osu naa. 

Olorun, ninu ola nla re so wipe ajakale arun kan ti bere ti yio ma doju ija ko ona ofun  awon eniyan, o si fun wa ni oogun lati koju arun naa. Mi o ba ti koja kuro ninu aye yi, sugbon  Olorun se ojo naa ni ojo isegun fun mi lori arun buruku naa. 

Olorun nikan lo mo bi o se nfi agbara re han lati se rere fun awon tire. 


Ni Oruko nla Jesu, gbogbo arun ninu ago ara mi, e jade nipa asiri agbara iwosan olorun.

BIBELI KIKA: Orin Dafidi 91:1-3 

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