Waiting On The Lord




“But those that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with  wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.  Isaiah 40:31” 

Waiting on God means that we trust Him. Waiting is the confident, disciplined,  expectant, active, and sometimes painful clinging to God.  

When the waiting time is over, we reap the reward. Those who wait on God can go  about their assigned tasks, being confident that God will provide the meaning and conclusions  to their lives and the harvest to their toil. 

Waiting on the Lord is the way to get a renewed, vitalised strength. Spending time with  the Word of God and the Spirit of God in an atmosphere of prayer is waiting on the Lord; a  purposeful fasting is another way to wait on the Lord.  

In waiting, we are asking God to take total control. As we do that, He anoints us with  new strength, new energy, new thoughts, new direction, new vision, etc.  

Dear beloved, as believers, if we wait patiently in trust, remembering that God is in  control doing His work, we will experience the movement of God in our lives.  PRAYER 

O Lord, grant me the grace to wait patiently on you. Amen  

BIBLE READINGS: Hebrew 6:13-18 



“Sugbon awon ti o ba duro de Oluwa, yio tun agbara won se, nwon yio fi iye gun oke bi  idi, nwon o sare, ki yio si re won, nwon o rin, aare ki yio mu won.” Isaiah 40:31 Diduro de Olorun tumo si pe a gbeke le e, diduro je igboya, ikora eni ni ijanu, ireti, riro  mo Olorun nigba ti o rorun at igba ti o nira. 

Nigbati asiko iduro ba koja, a o gba ere re. Awon ti n duro de Olorun le maa se ise ti a  ran won, pelu ifokanbale wipe Olorun yio fun aye won ni itumo, yio si mu won kore ise won. Diduro de Oluwa ni ona ti a fi le tun agbara wa se. Lilo akoko pelu Oro Olorun ati Emi  Olorun nigbati a ba ngbadura tumo si pe a n duro de Oluwa. 

Nigba ti a ba n duro, a n so fun Olorun wipe ki o gba gbogbo isakoso, bi a ba si ti n se  eyi, yio maa fun wa ni agbara otun, okun titun, ero titun, ona titun, afojusun titun ati bee bee lo. Olufe, gege bi onigbagbo, bi a ba fi suuru duro ninu igbekele, ti a si n ranti wipe Olorun  n gba ogo, o si n sise re, a o ri wipe Olorun nrin ninu aye wa. 


Oluwa, fun mi ni ooreofe kin le fi suuru duro de o. Amin 

BIBELI KIKA: Heberu 6:13-18 

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