MAY 13 FRI 2022 

“For we are all partners with Christ if we hold firmly to the end the confidence we had at  the beginning.” Heb. 3: 14 GNB 

Motivation is great, but we must add discipline to our activity and approach to Christian  living. This is because we will not ‘feel motivated’ to do the right thing every time. Our faith and  actions must be grounded in discipline, so we can move and believe even when we do not feel  like it.  

Beyond the initial joy and pleasure of receiving the promise of God in any area, there  will always come a point before the promise is fully manifested; where we will be tempted to  think nothing is happening.  

At this point, it will require discipline to carry on believing God’s promises and  confessing the right thing.  

This applies to every promise we receive and even our very walk with God. Be ready to  hold firm till the end. 


Heavenly Father, help me to keep standing and trusting You till the very end, in Jesus name  Amen. 

BIBLE READINGS: 1 Timothy 4:6-10 



Nitori awa di alabapin pelu Kristi, bi awa ba di ipilese igbekele wa mu sinsin titi de opin.  Heb 3:14 

Oro Iwuri dara, sugbon a ni lati fi ikora eni ni ijanu kun ise wa ati igbe aye Kristeni wa.  Nitoriwipe kiise gbogbo igba ni a maa ni iwuri lati se oun ti o to. Igbagbo wa ati ise wa ni lati jinle  ninu ikora eni ni ijanu, ki a le maa tesiwaju ninu igbagbo nigbati ko ba tile wu wa . 

Leyin ayo ti a ni, nigba ti a ba gba ileri Olorun, asiko kan ma nwa ki ileri to farahan, a o  maa lero wipe kosi ounkoun ti o nsele. Ni asiko yi, o ma nilo ifarajin lati maa Gbagbo ninu ileri  Olorun ati lati ma jewo oun ti o ye. 

Eleyi wa fun gbogbo ileri ti a ri gba ati irin wa pelu Olorun. Setan lati dii mu sinsin titi de  opin. 


Baba Orun, ranmilowo lati maa duro ati lati gbeke le o titi de opin, ni oruko Jesu. Amin. BIBELI KIKA: 1 Timothy 4:6-10 

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