THU, MAY 12 2022   


“Her leaders judge for a bribe, her priests teach for a price, and her prophets tell  fortunes for money. Yet they look for the Lord’s support …” Micah 3:11 NIV  One of the common deceits that the devil uses for people in covenant with God is false  assurance of God’s support, grace, and protection after they have walked in righteousness but  then turn around and live their lives apart from God. It’s amazing how human minds work.  According to the scripture above, the nation of Israel was living in disobedience but still  claimed God’s presence among them. Even the leaders and priests that should know better  were all involved in this deceit. They were dwelling in sin and abominable acts, still they think  that God is with them. The only covenant that God will always honour, and support is the  covenant that you do your part in. The fact that God say to you when you live in righteousness  that whenever you call upon Him, He will answer you does not mean that if you decide to walk  in your own way later, you will still have access to such promise. The nature of God is holy, and  He will only operate in holiness. You cannot have God’s support when you engage in evil no  matter the nature of God’s covenant with you. Don’t allow the devil to deceive you, the  assurance of God’s support, grace and protection can only be accessed in righteousness. PRAYER 

Dear Lord, I pray that you keep me away from the trap of false assurance. BIBLE READINGS: Romans 2:1-21 



Awon olori re nse idajo nitori ere, awon alufa re nkoni fun oya, awon woli re sin so tele  fun owo; sibe ni won o gbekele Oluwa, wipe Oluwa ko ha wa laarin wa? Ibi kan ki yio ba  wa. Micah 3:11 

Okan lara awon etan to esu ma nlo fun awon ti wa ninu majemu Olorun ni idaniloju iro  wipe Iranlowo, oore ofe ati aabo Olorun wa fun won ti won ba yipada kuro ni ona Olorun, nitori  wipe won ti fi igba kan rin ninu ododo. O yani lenu bi okan eniyan se nsise. Ninu eko bibeli ti a ka, awon omo Isreli ngbe ninu aigboran sugbon won so wipe Olorun wa  laarin won. 

Awon adari ati alufa ti o ye ki won mo otito, awon na wa ninu etan yi. Won ngbe ninu ese  ati awon iwa eeri, won si tun ro wipe Olorun wa pelu won. 

Majemu ti Olorun ma nbu ola fun ni majemu ti iwo naa ba se ipa tire nibe. Ti Olorun ba so fun o  wipe ti o ba rin ninu ododo, ti o si pe oun, oun yio da o lohun, ko tumo si wipe ti o ba rin ni ona  ara tire, ileri yi yio duro. Olorun je mimo, o sin se oungbogbo ninu mimo. Ko si iranlowo Olorun  ti o le ri, ti o ba wu iwa ibi, ko si bi majemu Olorun naa tile jin to pelu re. Mase je ki esu kio tan o  

je, a le ri Ileri Olorun lo fun iranlowo, oore ofe ati aabo nigba ti a ba wa ninu ododo nikan. ADURA 

Oluwa, mo gbadura wipe ki o mase je ki nbo sinu panpe idaniloju iro, kio si gbemi ro ninu  ododo re. 

BIBELI KIKA: Romans 2:1-21 

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