Financial Stewardship

For the love of money is the root of all evil… -1 Timothy 6:10

Stewardship is more than just being a competent manager; it also includes our service and generosity. Financial stewardship is taking responsibility for our finances before God. We have nothing we possess. All things are God’s. Money lust only leads to strife, nothing else. Some people who follow that route fully lose their faith and live to severely regret it. Keep in mind that being a good steward involves more than just giving alms or being responsible with our money and things. Real stewardship recognises that we are responsible to God for everything we possess and that we will be held accountable for how we manage the resources entrusted to our care. A good steward or dedicated servant will thank his master for his favours and will submit to correction and punishment in order to win the master’s approval. The desire to seek God’s blessings and discipline in our lives develops in the heart that chooses to love God and not money or any other false god, despite knowing that God loves them. The individual who has learnt to trust God in everything acquires the ability to find God’s benefits and respond to His correction. Being a good steward entails being willing to allow God to review the debits and credits on our balance sheet and to judge how we have used the money that God has lent us.

O Lord, let me no deviate from your tutelage, so I can benefit from your corrections and be a better steward in your presence. Amen.
BIBLE READINGS:  1 Timothy 6:1-10

Nitori ife owo ni gbongbo ohun buburu gbogbo. 1 Timothy 6:10

Ise iriju koja ki eniyan mo ise alakoso se. O nilo ise isin wa ati ififunni. Ise iriju nipa owo tunmo si wipe ki a maa jiyin fun Olorun nipa eto isuna wa. Ko si oun ti a ni. Oungbogbo  je ti Olorun. Ojukokoro owo lewu. Awon ti o se ojukokoro maa nso igbagbo won nu won si maa nkabamo nigba to ba ya. Jije iriju rere ju wipe ki a maa fun awon alaini lowo tabi ki a maa jiyin bi a se nse oun ini iwa. Iriju tooto ni wipe ki a jiyin fun Olorun lori oungbogbo ti a ba ni, ao si jiyin fun bi a ba se she akoso awon oun ini ti a fi si ikawo wa. Iriju rere yio dupe lowo oga re fun ore re, yio si teriba fun ibawi ati ijiya ki o le ri oju rere oga re. Ife lati wa ibukun Olorun ati ibawi re ninu aye wa  ma nwa lati inu okan ti o yan lati feran Olorun , kiise owo tabi orisa, ti o si mo wipe Olorun feran oun. Eni ti o yan lati gba Olorun gbo ninu oun gbogbo, o ti mo bi yio se ri ere lati odo Olorun kio si teriba fun ibawi. Jije iriju rere ni wipe ki eniyan gba Olorun laye lati se ayewo gbogbo ise re kio si se idajo lori bi a se lo owo ti Olorun ya wa.

Oluwa, mase je ki n yapa kuro ninu itoni re, ki nle je anfani ibawi re, ki nsi je iriju rere niwaju re, Amin.
BIBELI KIKA: 1 Timothy 6 : 1-10

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