Muzzling The Mouth

Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight. Psalms 19:14
The first verse of the Bible is a prayer request from a Psalmist who aimed to please his Creator both internally and externally. In other words, he wanted his profound ideas and remarks to be exonerated. Our capacity to carefully consider what we want to say before we speak it is a sign of maturity in Christ Jesus. The psalmist’s petition should also be our prayer, asking the Holy Spirit to guard our hearts and control our words. This is very important, because bad ideas or desires corrupt the heart and cause bad words or deeds to be spoken or done. Similar to how pleasant feelings or desires excite the heart and inspire good words or deeds. Good ideas are generated through reflecting on God’s Word, and these excellent thoughts result in good speech and deeds. The “pillar” of our collective thought-life will be a lovely, jewelled column if we police our thoughts and only permit pure and good ones. The “pillar” of our cumulative thought-life will be a condensation of poison, bitterness, and toxic chemicals, unworthy to occupy heaven’s fair country, if we allow pride, jealously, discord, and selfishness to rule our thoughts. Start by controlling your thoughts and words if you want your life to be pleasing and acceptable to the Lord. 2 Corinthians 10:5 says to “take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.”

O Lord, be the Pillar in my life to the word. Let my mouth and my doing to be according to your way. Amen.

Jeki oro enu mi ati isaro okan mi, ki o se itewogba li oju re Psalmu 19:14
Ese akoko bibeli kika yi  je ebe adura lati odo oni psalmu ti o fe te eleda re lorun ninu ati lode. Ti a ba le se agbeyewo  oun ti a fe so kio to di wipe a so, eyi je ami idagba soke ninu Kristi. Eyi ni o ye ki o je adura wa, wipe ki emimimo to okan wa ki o si dari oro wa. Eyi se pataki nitori wipe ero buburu a maa ba okan  je, yio si mu ki awon ise ati oro  buburu maa jade. Eyi fi ara we bi ero rere ati ife oun rere  se maa nmu okan yo ti yio si mu oro ati ise daradara wa. Ero rere maa nje yo nigba ti a ba se asaro lori oro Olorun, eyi a si maa mu oro ati ise  ti o dara jade. Igbe aye way yio dara ti a ba le  sora fun ero wa, ki o je wipe ero rere nikan ni a ma gba laye. Igbe aye wa yio kun fun ikoro ati awon oun oloro , ti ko si aaye fun ni ijoba orun, nigba ti a ba gba igberaga, owu jije, ati imotara eni nikan laaye lati joba lori ero wa. Bere  nipa didari ero re ati oro re, ti o ba fe ki aye re je itewogba niwaju Olorun. 2 Cor 10:5 so wipe ki a mu gbogbo ero ni igbekun ni igboran si Kristi.

Oluwa, je opo ninu aye mi, jeki oro enu mi ati ise mi wa ni ibamu pelu ona re. Amen.

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