Weep And Laugh Timing

A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance; Ecclesiastes 3:4
The emotives to grin, laugh, and cry is a normal part of life. A child doesn’t need to be taught as we are wired so as humans. If we simply know when to laugh or cry, both emotions are acceptable. Therefore, We may learn a lot about life by observing when to laugh and when to cry. There are many difficulties in life, and no one can live without encountering both happy and sad moments that make them grin and laugh. We must acknowledge that God endowed us with the capacity for both laughter and tears. It should therefore default traits we were all born with. But be careful how we utilise laughter and grief. Not as a tool to control others, but most definitely as a way to let go of the hurt and hopelessness that occasionally seem to consume us. Crying when you’re unhappy or hurt is healthy. However, keep in mind that a grin or a good chuckle can be therapeutic for both the giver and the receiver. Although, it is not natural to use either inappropriately, it can be a negative learned behaviour that can be changed. There is a season for both crying and laughing. God grant us wisdom to recognise when each is appropriate!

O Lord, guide me at every due season, lessen my grief/unhappiness, let me have reasons to be joyful at all times.
BIBLE READINGS:  Ecclesiastes 3:1-5

Igba sisokun ati igba rirerin Oniwaasu 3:4
Lati rerin ati lati sokun je oun ti o ma nsele, ko si eni ti o nko omo ni eyi, bi eda eniyan se ri niyen. Bi a ba mo igba ekun ati igba erin, mejeji lo je itewogba. Nitorina, a le ko opolopo eko nipa aye nipa sise akiyesi igba ti o ye fun ekun ati erin. Opolopo idojuko lo wa ni aye, ko si eni ti o le la aye ja ti ki yio ni iriri awon akoko wonyi. A ni lati mo wipe Olorun fun wa ni ipa lati mo ekun ati erin, oun ti a bi mo wa ni, a si ni lati mo bi a o se maa lo. Kiise lati maa dari awon elo miran sugbon  gege bi ona lati je ki awon oun ti o nje wa lokan le jade kuro. O dara lati sokun nigba ti inu wa o ba dun. Si mo wipe erin naa si dara. Olorun yio fun wa ni ogbon lati mo igba ti o ba ye fun awon nkan wonyi.

Oluwa, to mi ni igba gbogbo, mu ibanuje mi kuro, je ki nle maa ni ayo nigba gbogbo.
BIBELI KIKA: Oniwaasu 3:1-5

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