Be Courteous With Words


“Even in your thoughts, do not curse the king, nor in your bedroom curse the rich, for a bird of the air will carry your voice, or some winged creature tells the matter.” Ecclesiastes 10:20 ESV

King David prayed a prayer in the closing verse of Psalm 19. He said, “let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight oh Lord…” In comparison with the opening scripture above, we can recognise how important it is for us as children of God to always be courteous with what we say with our mouths, which other people can hear and get us in trouble for, and the thoughts of our hearts, that could be possibly exposed to others by the Holy Spirit. We never know who is standing by us when you talk, nor who is walking by or lurking around to listen to us. People can be very difficult, so the responsibility lies on us to mind what we say rather than trusting people around us to not expose our unethical words. The principle that can help us as believers address careless talk is, don’t say it if you will feel ashamed when people hear it! And don’t entertain the thought if you know it’s going to cause you condemnation in your spirit!


Lord, help me to be disciplined in my speech and my thoughts so I can project Christ.



“Mase bu Oba, ki o ma se ninu ero re, mase bu oloro ninu iyewu re, nitoripe eye oju orun yio gbe ohun naa lo, oun ti o ni iye apa yio si so oro naa.” Oniwaasu 10:12

Oba Dafidi gba adura kan ninu iwe Orin Dafidi, ‘Je ki oro enu mi, ati asaro okan mi, je itewogba niwaju re, Oluwa’. Ti a ba fi awon ese bibeli yi we ara won, a o ri wipe o se pataki fun wa gege bi omo Olorun lati maa soro towo, eyi ti awon elomiran le gbo ti yio si mu fa idaamu. Emi mimo tile le tu asiri ero okan wa si elomiran. A le ma mo eni ti o duro ti wa nigba ti a ba
nsoro tabi eni ti o nrin koja lati gbo oun ti a nso. Awon eniyan shoro, nitorina, ise naa wani owo wa lati kiyesi oun ti a nso jade, ju wipe a fi okan tan awon eniyan lati ma tu asiri oun ti a ti so tiko dara, Oun ti o le ran wa lowo gege bi onigbagbo lati ma so oro aibikita ni wipe, e ma se so oro naa ti o ba ma mu itiju wa nigba ti awon eniyan ba gbo. Mase gba ero naa laye ti yio ba da o lebi ninu emi re!


Oluwa, ranmilowo lati ko ara mi ni ijanu ninu oro mi ati ninu ero mi, ki nle fi Kristi han.

BIBELI KIKA: Luke 12:2-3

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