Live A Balanced Life


“Only someone too stupid to find his way home would wear himself out with work.” Ecclesiastes 10:15 GNT

Rest is a plan of God for His Children and He established this by showing us examples in Genesis after the creation of the earth. God set aside a day of rest for Himself. If God with His
infinite power and strength values the importance of rest after work, it’s baffling to see how some humans, especially believers whose strengths are minute and can be easily deflated,
could think that they can keep working without rest. When we work and we feel tired, then the appropriate thing to do is to rest. The opening scripture above compared someone who does not know how or when to rest with a stupid person. A stupid person does not know what they do, so they behave excessively in all their ways. When they are tired, they keep working like they have spare life kept somewhere to replace the one they are living. We must learn moderation in all areas of our life. Yes, the Bible indeed says whoever does not work must not eat but the above scripture is giving us a balanced equation of how work is to be done. We must cultivate good habits of rest to ease off tension, to be more productive and live a healthy lifestyle.


Lord, it’s your idea and will for me to rest after my work. Help me to do this from time to time to serve you better and reach my potential in life. Amen

BIBLE READINGS: Genesis 2:1-3



“Laalaa asiwere da olukuluku won li agara, nitori ko mo bi a tii lo si ilu.” – Oniwaasu 10:15

Isinmi je ipinnu Olorun fun awon omo re, O si gbe eyi kale nipa fifi apeere lele ni Genesisi lehin ti o da orun ati aye. Olorun ya ojo kan soto fun ara re ti o fi sinmi. Bi Olorun, pelu okun ati agbara re ailopin ba mo riri isimi lehin ise, o seni ni kayefi bi awon eniyan kan, pataki julo awon onigbagbo ti agbara won ko to nkan, se lero wipe won le maa sise lai sinmi. Nigba ti a ba sise ti o si re wa, ohun ti o ye ki a se ni, ki a sinmi. Eko ti a ka ni ibere ni, fi eni ti ko mo bi a tii sinmi ati igba ti o ye ki a sinmi we asiwere eniyan. Awon asiwere eniyan ko mo ohun ti won nse. Nitori naa, won a maa se ohun gbogbo ni aseju. Bi o ba tile re won, won a maa sise siwaju si bi enipe won ni iparo emi ti won yio fi ropo eyi ti won nlo lowo. A gbodo ko lati maa se ohun gbogbo ni iwontunwonsi laye. Lotito ni Bibeli wipe enikeni ti ko ba sise, ko ye fun ounje, sugbon ese Bibeli ti a ka loke yi ti ba wa gbe bi a se gbodo se ise gun. A gbodo maa sinmi daradara, ki a le tunbo lagbara si, ki a si le wa ni alafia.


Oluwa, erongba ati ife Re fun mi nipe kin sinmi lehin ise mi, ran mi lowo lati le maa se eyi ni igba de igba, kin le sin o boti to, ki nsi le laluyo laye. Amin.

BIBELI KIKA: Genesisi 2:1-3

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