Be Great In The Midst Of Criticism

“But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you.” Matthew 5:44, NKJV

Assuming you will seek after significance, in the event that you will be an extraordinary money manager, an extraordinary educator, an incredible parent, an incredible pioneer, you need to comprehend that not every person will support you. I’d very much want to let you know that your family, companions and associates will celebrate you, yet that is not really the situation. Some people simply can’t handle your success. As you grow and increase, as God pours out His favor on you, someone will get jealous. Someone will start finding fault. Don’t be surprised if a relative try to belittle or discredit you. You can’t focus on making everyone around you happy or you’ll start changing and lose sight of what God has placed in your heart. Remember, your destiny is too great to be distracted by people who are never going to affirm you. Don’t take it personally. It’s not about you. It’s their problem. Shake it off, run your race, and be great anyway. Having greatness in the midst of criticism begins with forgiveness. Don’t hold a grudge. Bless those who curse you; pray for those who spitefully use you. As you keep doing what is right, God will honor you. He’ll promote you, and you’ll be great in the midst of criticism!

Father, I come to You today with an open and humble heart. I choose to forgive those who have criticized me. I choose to bless those who have hurt me. I choose to be great because You have equipped and empowered me to be great in the midst of criticism in Jesus’ name! Amen.



“Sugbon emi wi fun yin, e fe awon ota yin, e sure fun awon eniti o nfi yin re“ Matteu 5: 44

Ki a gba wipe o nlepa lati je eni pataki, ni ibi ti o fi le je eni ti o mo bi won ti nseto owo daradara. Olukoni to dangajia, obi daradara, eni ti n bere ohun rere, o ni lati mo wipe kii se gbogbo eniyan ni o le se atileyin fun fe ki o mo wipe ebi, ore ati ojulumo yio ba o yo, sibe inu awon kan ki yio dun si iserere re. bi o ba se n dagba, ti o si n po sii, bi Olorun ba se n fi oju rere re wo o, awon kan yio maa se ilara re, nwon a si maa wa esun si o lese. Ma je ki o ya o lenu nigbati ara ile re ba bere si ni foju tembelu re tabi tabuku re. Mo wipe ko see se fun o lati te gbogbo eniyan ti o yi o ka lorun, bi bee ko, wa a bere sini yipada. Wa si so ilepa ohun ti Olorun fi si o lokan nu. Ranti pe, ayanmo re ga ju ki o faye gba awon ti ko ni ipa ninu aye re lati gba okan re. mase je ki eyi o bi o ninu, gba ara re, sa ere ije re, ki o sirii wipe o di eni giga. Ati je eni giga ninu ipenija bere pelu didarijini. Mase ni enikeni sinu. Sure fun awon ti n fi o re, gbadura fun awon tin fi arankan ba o lo. bi o ti n tesiwaju lati se eyi ti o to, Olorun yio bu ola fun o, yio gbe o ga, iwo yio si di eni giga ninu ipenija.

Baba, mo to o wa loni pelu irele okan, mo yan lati dariji gbogbo awon ti won ti peminija. Mo pinnu lati bukun awon to ti se mi, mo pinnu lati je eni giga nitoriti o ti ro mi lagbara, o si ti ranmi lowo ki n le di eni giga ninu ipenija. Amin.


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