Be Thankful Always

I thank thee, and Praise thee, O thou God of my fathers, who hast given me wisdom and might, and hast made known unto me now what we desired of thee: for thou hast now made known unto us the King’s matter. Daniel. 2:23(KJV)

Whatever might be God’s Mercy, Favour, Blessings and Goodness towards you it is important to show gratitude, we cannot be an ingrate. Daniel could have decided not to give thanks and believe the wisdom is part of him already when God created him, but we shouldn’t forget the fact that nobody gets anything except it’s been given from Heaven. The Bible says if we are faithful in little thing God will make us the ruler of many things. In fact, one of the best way of expression one’s faithfulness to God is through thankfulness. likewise, the more you profess gratitude, the more you realise more things to be grateful for. We should not find it difficult at all to give thanks as this will open doors of good opportunities for us and if we refuse to give thanks, it is vice-versa. Also do not classify some to be little blessings and some big blessings, because out of them all there is none, we can make happen for ourselves. Always appreciate the Sovereignty of the Almighty God in all we do.

I pray may we always have reasons to be grateful in Jesus Name. Amen
BIBLE READINGS:  Daniel 2:19-23


Modupe lowo re, mo si fi iyin fun o, iwo Olorun awon Baba mi, eniti o fi ogbon ati agbara fun mi, ti o si fi ohun ti awa bere lowo re han fun mi nissisiyi: nitoriti iwo fi oran oba han fun wa nisisiyi.  Daniel 2:2

Ohunkohun ti o ba je aanu oluwa, ojurere, ibukun, ire si wa, a gbudo fi emi imoore han, a ko le je alaimore. Danieli le pinnu ni okan re lati mase fi iyin fun Oluwa, ki o si gbagbo wipe ohun gbon ni oju ara re ni, sugbon ki a ma se gbagbe wipe enikeni ko le ri ohunkohun gba bikose pe a fi fun lati orun wa. Bibeli so wipe ti a be se otito ninu ohun kekere, Oluwa yio so wa di adari ohun pupo. Ona kan pataki lati fi emi imore han ni lati ma dupe fun Oluwa. Bi a be se n dupe ni a maa ri opo idi ti o fi ye ka maa dupe. Ki o ma se soro fun wa lati ma dupe nitori opolopo ilekun iyanu ni yio si sile fun wa, ti a ko ba si se be, idakeji re ni yio sele. E je ki a ma dupe fun titobi Olorun ninu ohun gbogbo ti a be n se.

Mo gbadura ki n ma ni idi lati le ma fi dupe nigbogbo igba loruko Jesu, Amin.
BIBELI KIKA: Daniel 2:19-23

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