Child Or Not

“No one who is born of God will continue to sin, because God’s seed remains in them; they cannot go on sinning, because they have been born of God.” 1 John 3:9

A wealthy man was to be honored at a neighboring city, so he asked his servant to prepare for the journey. The servant then requested “Master, I beg you, when we get there, introduce me as your son that I may also enjoy a royal treatment”. The man agreed. Upon their arrival, the rich man introduced the servant as his heir, and they were treated with great respect. However, while the table was being set for a lavish meal, the servant sneaked to the backyard and began eating discarded scraps with his hands. This confused the people, who informed the rich man. He then told them “He is not my son; he is just a servant.”Being a child of God is not a title, it is in having the character of Jesus. God’s arms are always open to receive us as His children, but it is our works that will show if we are His children or otherwise. You can pretend to the whole world for so long, you cannot deceive your creator. God cannot be mocked!

BIBLE READING: 1 John 3: 1-10

PRAYER: My Father, let my thoughts, words and actions show that I am truly your child in Jesus’ name. Amen


“Ẹnikẹ́ni tí a ti ipa Ọlọ́run bí, kì í dẹ́ṣẹ̀; nítorí tí irú rẹ̀ ń gbé inú rẹ̀: kò sì lè dẹ́ṣẹ̀ nítorí pé a ti ti ipa Ọlọ́run bí i.” 1 Johanu 3:9

Nígba kan, arakunrin olóla kan wà ti a pe si ilu kan nibiti a o ti bu olá fun. Ó si so fun erú re lati mura irinajo. Eru yii so fun oloro yii wipe “Oluwa mi, emi be o, nje bi enikeni ba bere wipe tani èmi n se, fi mi han gege bi omo, ki emi naa le gbadun itoju olola.” Olólá yii si gbà lati se eyi. Nigba ti won de ilu, olólá yii fi eru yii han gege bi omo re. Won si te tabili onje alarinrin fun won, sugbon eru yii sa lo si èhìnkùnlé nibi ti a ko èpo isu sí. O si bere si n koo je pelu owo re. Eyi rú awon eniyan loju, won si tǫ olólá yii lǫ lati so fun. Nigba naa ni olólá yii wi fun won wipe “Arakunrin yii kii n se omo mi, erú ni.”Jije omo Olorun kii n se oyè lasan, bikose níní iwa Kristi. Oluwa setan lati gba wa gege bi omo, sugbon iwa wa ni yio fi han boya omo ni a je tabi eru. O le tan gbogbo eniyan, sugbon o kò le tan Olorun.

BIBELI KIKA: 1 Johanu 3: 1-10

ADURA: Ba mi, je ki ero mi, oro mi ati ise mi fi han wipe tire ni emi je nitooto. Amin.

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