INTRODUCTION: Education is an important topic in every facet of human’s life, more so the Body of Christ. In a world where false teachings are ungodly doctrines are becoming famous, the need to have a well-functioning Christian education system cannot be overemphasized. God’s plan for us is that we grow spiritually, to remain connected and nourished in the Word of God – this is the only way to learn and live God’s purpose on earth. Christian living is often a function of the level and quality of teaching received.
Christian Education Ministry is proposed to be a broadly resourced unit charged to meet the educational need of church members. The department shall take a multidimensional approach to provide training and retraining for church members cutting across all levels of church engagements.

MISSION STATEMENT: To identify spiritual educational needs of members. To raise Christians for godly living and Kingdom work. To provide members with spiritual resource required for propagation of God’s light in a constantly changing world. To train and retrain church workers and intending workers in various levels of engagements through impactful programs.

– To provide required training to church workers and intending workers.
– To organize doctrinal classes for new members and new workers.
– To organize leadership and training programs for church workers.
– To organize the creation of Christian education materials such as daily devotionals, bible study manuals etc.

– To achieve a generation that is unashamed of the gospel of Christ, equipped for every good work and established in purpose for Godly living.

For more information, please contact JEGLO – Jerusalem Evangelism and Global Outreach ([email protected])

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