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INTRODUCTION: The family is the most important unit that makes up a church. In the world we are today, family values have been lost due to worldliness and civilization leading to constant problems among family members and people in a relationship. As we can see daily, whatever happens in the family affects the church. Relationships that are built on wrong values and beliefs lead to the formation of family units with wrong values which in turn produce children who don’t understand what it means to be loved or to love. The only saving grace for family and relationship in the world today is God. This is why the church needs to arise and build family units that have godly values, that can produce godly children who will be able to step forward and be a light in this dark world.

MISSION STATEMENT: To build family units that shows a reflection of God’s love for the Church.

– To initiate and establish a Marriage counselling platform by teaching Godly marital values.
– To nurture singles in the way of the Lord.
– To train parents on child handling at different stages by focusing on practical issues applied from a biblical perspective.
– To promote the spiritual growth of men as servant leaders in their home, church, and community.
– To educate, empower, and equip women to develop and exhibit Christ-like character and virtuous lives through study and training in the Word of God, accountability, mentoring, sisterhood, community service, and enrichment activities.

– To ensure that the entire families of JCLI have a home filled with joy and peace of Christ.
– To ensure family values and character are built in accordance with the word of God.

For more information, please contact JEGLO – Jerusalem Evangelism and Global Outreach ([email protected])

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