Come Boldly To God

Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace. Hebrews 4:16

Many Christians are reluctant to approach God or feel unworthy of doing so. We are urged to “come boldly to the throne of grace” by the Bible. We can approach him with confidence because he is approachable despite the fact that we are humans, that we sin. He will also extend mercy, grace, and assistance during our time of need through this approach. The All-Powerful God cannot command us to display a virtue that is not already present in our spirit. The Holy Spirit has endowed the believer in Christ Jesus with the virtue of boldness (Acts 1:8). To hope is to confidently anticipate. In other words, if you have faith in God and anticipate Him to provide for you, be courageous and approach Him in prayer. This will strengthen your heart and enable you to receive from Him (Hebrews 4:16). To believe there won’t be issues in our lives is naïve. We all experience severe pain and other challenges, whether or not we identify as Christians. Christians, on the other hand, are aware that God, even when we are unable to see it, has a purpose in bringing these issues into our lives. Even if you have sinned, do not be afraid to pray to God. Come boldly to Him, He replied, and you will receive grace. You can publicly admit your sins with a repentant attitude, and He will forgive you.

O Lord, let sin not make me shy away from your presence, embolden me to call you in times of anguish, give me the spirit to sin no more. Amen.

BIBLE READINGS:  Hebrews 4:1-16


Nitori naa e je ka wa si bi ite ore ofe pelu igboya. Hebrews 4:16

Opolopo Kristieni lora lati wa oju Oluwa tabi ri ara won bi alaiye lati se be. A ro wa ninu Bibeli lati wa pelu igboya si iwaju ite oreofe. A le wa pelu igboya bi o tile je pe a je eniyan eleran ara ti o dese, ti o si je alailera. Nipa igbekale yi, Yio si nawo aanu, ore-ofe ati iranlowo ni igba ti a ba nilo re. Oluwa Olorun alagbara wa ko ni pase fun wa lati se a fihan ohun ti a ko ni ninu emi wa. Emi Mimo ti fi fun awon onigbagbo ninu Kristi ni ebun igboya (Ise awon Aposteli 1:8). Ireti je  fi fi oju sona pelu igboya lati gba ohun kan. Ni ona miran, ti o ba ni igbagbo ninu Olorun ti o sin reti pe ki O pese fun o, o ni lati ni igboya ki o si ba soro ninu adura. E ki yoo mu okan re le , yio si ran o lowo lati ri ohun gba ni odo re. (Heberu 4:16). A  n tan ara waje, ti a ba ro pe ko ni si isoro ninu aye wa. Gbogbo wa ni  a  o  la isoro koja ati awon ipenija miran yala a je Kristieni tabi beeko. Kristieni, ni ona miran, nigba ti a ko tile mo idi re, mo pe Oluwa ni idi ti o fi mu awon ipenija yi wa si ona wa. Bi o ba ti le da ese, mase beru lati gbadura si Olorun. Wa pelu igboya si iwaju re, Jesu so pe iwo yio ri ore-ofe gba fun idariji. O le jewo ese re ni gbangba pelu ironu piwada yi o si dariji o.

Oluwa, ma se je ki ese o mu mi kuro ni iwaju re. Ro mi ni agbara  ni akoko iponju, fun mi ni emi ti kii da ese mo. Amin.

BIBELI KIKA: Heberu 4:1-16

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