Passing Away

But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night. 2 Peter 3:10

A “gentler” way of stating someone passed away is passed away. Actually, this is a biblical way of thinking. We shall all “pass away” and die. All of our physical bodies will pass away, but our spirits will live on forever. By means of a revelation from God, Apostle Peter discussed the end of the current heaven and Earth in the opening verse. When He remarked that while heaven and earth would pass away, His words would remain, He also made reference to this topic (Matthew 24:35). Their demise is a result of both human sin on Earth and the sin of the devil in heaven. Because of the corruption caused by these transgressions, God has provided for a new Earth and a new heaven (Revelation 21:1). Christ has extended an invitation to His heavenly banquet, but many people are too busy to accept. Many believed that their good deeds—including faultless church attendance or choir participation—would be sufficient to obtain entrance to heaven. Unexpectedly, many people will search the Lamb’s Book of Life for their name but fail to locate it. Many people lack the time to embrace Christ’s merciful offer to forgive their sins and receive Him into their hearts. By keeping our promises to the Lord Jesus Christ and to anything else He has entrusted to our care, we are to prepare ourselves to take advantage of things.

O Lord, please help my faith, let me know you more and  not fall short of gaining heaven at the end of my sojourn. Amen.



Sugbon ojo Oluwa n bo bi ole li oru. 2 Peteru 3:10

Ona miran lati so pe eniyan ‘’ku’’ ni pe ki aso wipe  o ti se alaaisi. E yi je ero imo Bibeli. Gbogbo wa ni a o re koja lo ti a o si ku. Gbogbo eran ara wa ni yi o re koja lo, sugbon emi wa yi o wa titi lai. Nipa isipaya lati odo Olorun ,Peteru Aposteli so nipa opin aya yi ni ese ti o bere ese wura  ti a ka. Nigba ti o se afihan pe aye ati orun yio koja lo, oro re yio si wa titi lae, o si toka si akori yi (Matteu 24:35). Iku won je ere ese eniyan ni orile aye, ati pelu oje ese fun esu ni orun. Nitori idibaje ti a sise yi muwa, Olorun ti pese aye titun ati orun titun ( Ifihan 21:1). Kristi ti ti pe o si ase re ni orun, sugbon opolopo ni ko ni aye lati wa. Opo eniyan gbagbo pe ise rere won – ati lilo si ile ijosin deedee, ati jije akorin – yio to lati gbe won wole si orun. Lojiji, opolopo yio wo iwe odo aguntan fun oruko won sugbon won ko ni ri ni ibe. Opolopo kuna lati gba aanu Kristi fun idariji ese won, won ko si gbaa sinu okan won. Nipa mimu ileri wa se si Jesu Kristi Oluwa wa ati ohun gbogbo ti o fi si ikawo wa, ani lati pese ara wa sile lati lo anfani ohun gbogbo ti a ni.

Oluwa, ran igbagbo mi lowo ki n le mo O si, ki n ma ba kuna ijoba Olorun ni irin ajo mi ni aye. Amin.

BIBELI KIKA: 2 Peteru 3

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