God’s Greatest Love

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

It’s quite simple to let other people’s rejection affect how you view yourself. You can feel completely unlovable since you don’t have a date for special occasion. Or perhaps you feel that no one wants to be your friend since you haven’t been treated fairly by your buddies. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a date for special occasion or close pals; you still matter. Always keep in mind this crucial reality whenever you feel unimportant. God pursued you because He loved you. God cares about you. God provided His one and only son as a gift for you. He didn’t have to, but He still wanted to.  He cares for you so much! God’s plan for this world depends on you. You have been asked to carry out a crucial task. Keep it in mind, despite someone treating you unfairly. Although how people treat you cannot be changed, how you view yourself can. You matter to God, he says. You are valuable and significant. Today, set a goal for yourself to view yourself as God does. Determine your value based on what God says, not on how other people regard you.

O Lord, let me not stray from your everlasting love, one surmounts all others. Amen.
BIBLE READINGS:  1 John 4:9-11


Nitori Olorun fe araye to be ge, ti o fi omo bibi re ni kan soso fun ni, ki enikeni ti o ba gbaagbo ma ba segbe sugbon ki o le ni iye ainipekun. Johannu 3:16

O se se ki o je ki bi awon eniyan  se n tako o han ninu bi o tin wo ara re. O le ro pe a o ni ife re nitoripe o ko ti  ni ojo aseye. Tabi o ro pe ko si eni ti o fe je ore re niwon igba ti awon ojugba re ko se daradara si o.Bi o ko ba tile ni ojo aseye, tabi ore ti o sunmo o, sibe o je eni Pataki. Ma fi ohun Pataki yi sokan nigbakugba ti o ba ro pe, a ko ka o si eniyan Pataki. Olorun wa o  ri  o nitoripe O feran re. Olorun nife re. Olorun fi Omo re ni kan soso bi ebun fun o. Ko ye ki o see be, sugbon o setan lati se, O ni ife re pupo. Eto Olorun fun ile aye yi da le ori re. A ti ran o lati se ise pataki yi. Fi si okan re ni igbakugba ti enikeni ba se ohun ti ko dara si o. Bi o ti le je wipe, a ko le yi bi eniyan tin wuwa si o pada, sugbon bi o tin wo ara re le se. O se Pataki si Olorun, O je iyebiye ati eni Pataki eniyan . Loni , gba ero lati maa wo ara re bi Olorun ti n wo o. Pinnu lati gbe ara re lori ohun ti Olorun so, ki n se bi awon eniyan ti n se si o.

Oluwa, ma je kin sako kuro ninu ife ayeraye re ju gbogbo ohun miran lo. Amin.
BIBELI KIKA: 1 Johaanu 4:9-11

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