Compass Of Life

“My son, despise not the chastening of the LORD; neither be weary of his correction: Proverbs 3:11″

Our compass for life is the Bible, which keeps us headed in the correct direction.The opening verse of the Bible, which serves as our moral guide, opens with the warning: “My son, forget not my law; but let thine heart observe my commandments.” The warning brings the mind and the heart into alignment. God’s Word must be concealed in our hearts, just as the Psalmist claimed to have done. It is not enough to simply know God’s Word in our brains. In the rush and confusion of life, God’s Word might be pushed from our consciousness. The pressure of work, peer pressure, and other distractions can work together to push God’s Word from our minds. But when God’s Word is in our hearts, it takes centre stage at all times. As Christians, knowing about God’s Word simply entails a learning process; nevertheless, learning about God’s Word in our hearts entails a loving process. The motive is “I have to” when the mind is focused on a problem. The motive of the will is “I ought to” when it is involved in a matter. The motive is “I want to” when the heart is invested in a matter.

O Lord, do not living become a distraction to make God’s word prominent in my heart. Amen.

BIBLE READINGS:Proverb 3:1-12


Omo mi, mase ko ibawi Oluwa, beni ki agara itoni re ki o mase da o Owe 3:11

Atoka ona iye wa ni bibeli, eyi ti o ndari wa si ona ti o to.Ese bibeli eyi ti o je atona wa, o bere pelu ikilo wipe “omo mi, mase gbagbe ofin mi, sugbon jeki okan re pa ofin mi mo”.Ikilo yi mu ki okan wa papo. A ni lati toju oro Olorun sinu okan wa gegebi oni psalmu ti se.Ko to lati mo oro Olorun ninu opolo wan ikan, sugbon ninu iporuru aye, ani lati mu oro olorun jade lati inu okan waIbare aye, ipenija ti ibi ise ati awon oun miran le sise papo lati ti oro Olorun kuro ninu okan wa sugbon nigba ti oro Olorun ba wa ninu okan wa, yi o ma wa ni ogangan isesi wa nigbagbogbo.Gegebi onigbagbo, kiko oro Olorun ni mimo oro re, sibesibe anilo ife lati le ko nipa oro Olorun.Nigbati a ba dojuko isoro, ero okan wa ma je wipe a ni lati bori re. Nigba ti a ba ni ife si oro kan, ero okan wa ni wipe, o ye ki a le se. Nigba ti okan wa ba si wa ninu oro kan, ero okan wa ni wipe, a fe lati se.

Oluwa, je ki oro re gbile ninu okan mi.

BIBELI KIKA: Owe 3:1-12

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