God Saving Plan

“Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.” 1 Timothy 2:4
In addition to being perfect in holiness, which we can never achieve on our own or through our own deeds of righteousness, God is also perfect in love, abundant in kindness and mercy. He has not abandoned us without hope or a resolution because of His love and grace,
because God does not want anyone to go to hell, He is a good God. He has given everyone free will, or in other words, the ability to choose their own decisions, even though He does not want anyone to end up in hell. The all-powerful God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to earth as part of His plan to rescue humanity. This is the salvation information God is spreading to people all across the world
through His gospel and His preachers, which is why the gospel is still being preached today. The Creator’s Father hopes and anticipates that sinners, evildoers, and the wicked will benefit from the knowledge of Christ and find salvation. We all appear naked, defenseless, and desperate before God. If you don’t pick the route of salvation, you have chosen the path of eternal damnation since no number of good deeds will get you to paradise or give you eternal life.

O Lord, May I not gain the world and lose eternal life, let me reign supreme with you at the end. Amen.


“Eniti o nfe ki gbogbo eniyan ni igbala ki won si wa sinu imo otito” 1 Timothy 2:4
Ni afikun si jije pipe ninu iwa mimo, eyi ti a ko le se fun ara wa tabi nipa ododo wa, Olorun tun je pipe ninu ife. o po ninu aanu.
Ko fi wa sile ni aini ireti nitori ife ati oore ofe re. Olorun ko f eki enikeni segbe, olorun tio dara ni. O fun gbogbo eniyan ni ipa lati yan oun ti o wu won, lati yan ipinu ara won, sugbon ko fe ki won lo si inu ina. Olorun alagbara ran omo re Jesu Kristi si aye gege bi eto re lati gba awon omo eniyan. Eyi ni oro igbala ti Olorun nso fun awon eniyan kaakiri aye nipase ihinrere ati nipase awon
oniwaasu, won si nso ihinrere yii titi di oni. Baba nreti wipe ki awon elese ati awon eni ibi ki won je alabapin ninu imo Kristi ki won si ri igbala. Gbogbo wa la wa ni ihoho, laini iranwo ni iwaju olorun. Bi e ko ba yan ona igbala, e o yan ona idalebi ayeraye. Tori wipe ko si ise rere ti yio gbe o de ijoba orun tabi ti yio fun o ni iye ayeraye.

Oluwa, mase je ki njere aye ki nwa padanu ayeraye. Je ki nle ba o joba nikehin. Amin

BIBELI KIKA: 1 Timothy 2

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