Condemnation Is Not Of God

“There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit.” Romans 8:1, NKJV

Jesus came to break the curse attached to sin, disgrace and judgment in our lives. He  came so we could see things the way in which God sees them. Do you have any idea how God sees you? He considers you to be significant. He sees you as solid. He sees you as skilled, capable and dependable. The voice of judgment says the very opposite. Judgment is a deficiency of significant worth. Accusing voice for the enemy (Satan) says, “You’re not sufficient… you won’t ever be great enough…you’re a disappointment.” Judgment is never from God. The Bible lets us know there is no condemnation for the people who are in Christ Jesus. At the point when you embrace and proclaim God’s truth in your life, you open His ability to conquer the voice of condemnation. Regardless of how you might be feeling, get up each day and pronounce that the Greater One lives in you. Proclaim that you are solid in the Lord and in the force of His strength. Pronounce that He adores you and has called you according to His plan.

Decide to see yourself as important, the way in which God sees you. Embrace His reality with the goal that you can overcome judgment and live in triumph every day of your life.

Father in heaven, thank You for setting me free from condemnation. Thank You for believing in me and filling me with Your vision for my life. Help me to see my life the way You see it in Jesus’ name. Amen.


“Nje ebi ko si nissisiyi fun awon ti o wa ninu Kristi Jesu, awon ti ko rin nipa ti ara, bikose nipa ti emi.” Romu 8:1

Jesu wa lati ba gbogbo egun, itiju ati idajo ti ese maa n muwa si inu aye wa je. O wa ki a baa le ri ohun gbogbo gege bi Olorun ti ri won. nje o mo bi Olorun ti ri o si? O ri o gege bi okan pataki, ti o duro, ti o ni akitiyan, ti o ni akinkanju, ti o see gbarale. Ohun ti idajo a maa so ti idakeji. Ohun ti Olufisun ti n se Satani a maa wipe, “Oo lee se, oo lee di eni giga, ijakule ni o”. Iru idajo wonyi ko ti odo olorun wa. Bibeli fi ye wa wipe ko si idalebi fun awon ti o wa ninu Kristi Jesu. Nigba ti o ba gba, ti o si jewo otito Olorun ninu aye re, o fi aye gba a lati segun ohun idalebi. Bi o ti wu ki o ri, lojoojumo ti o ba ji, so wipe, Eni nla ni ngbe inu mi. jewo wipe o lagbara ninu Olorun ati ninu agbara re. jewo wipe o feran re, o si pe o gege bi ero re. Pinnu lati ri ara re
gege bi eni pataki, gege bi Olorun ti ri o, fara mo oro re ki o si gba wipe o le bori idajo ki o si maa gbe ni isegun ni gbogbo ojo aye re.

Baba wa ti mbe ni orun, o seun ti o gba mi kuro ninu idalebi. Oseun ti o gbagbo ninu mi ti o si tun fun mi ni iran re fun aye mi. ran mi lowo lati ri aye mi gege bi iwo ti ri ni oruko Jesu. Amen

BIBELI KIKA: Luku 6:67

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