A Fundamental Need

“Now set your mind and heart to seek (inquire of and require as your vital necessity) the Lord your God” 1 Chronicles 22:19 AMP

What things do you think is fundamental need in your life? What can you not live without? Many people would promptly consider food, water and shelter; yet as a general rule, we can’t exactly live except if our mind and hearts are determined to look for the Lord. Certainly, you can exist without looking for Him, however you are called to something beyond simple existence. You are called to live… to flourish… to live an abundant life! Fortunately, you have
unlimited authority over what you set your brain and heart on. I support you today; set your brain and heart on looking for the Lord! Note your favourite Scriptures and commit them to your memory. At the point when you can, meditate on those verses. Think deeply about God and His boundless love. Make a propensity for looking for Him and request that he uncover Himself to you. At the point when you require the Lord as a fundamental need, you will really
appreciate carrying on with the abundant life He has in mind for you!

Heavenly Father, today I choose to set my mind on You. I seek You with my whole heart. Show me Your love and character today. Show me Your ways that I may walk and live closely with You. I love You in Jesus’ name. Amen.

BIBLE READINGS: Philippians 4:6-7


“Nje Nissisiyi e fi aya yin ati okan nyin si atiwa Oluwa Olorun yin; nitorina dide ki e si ko ibi mimo Oluwa Olorun, lati mu apoti eri ti majemu Oluwa wo inu re ati ohun elo mimo Olorun, sinu ile naa ti a o ko fun oruko Oluwa.” 1 Kronika 22:19

Kini ohun naa ti o ro wipe o se pataki ninu aye re? kini ohun naa ti o je kose mani fun o? Opolopo eniyan ni yio wipe ounje, omi, ile; sibe, a ko lee wa laaye bikosepe aya ati okan wa ba pinnu lati wa Olorun. Dajudaju, o le wa laye lai wa Olorun, sugbon a ti pe o sinu ohun ti o koja wipe ki o wa laye lasan. A pe o pe ki o wa laaye… ki o gbile… ki o gbe igbe aye ni kikun. O ni agbara ailopin lori ohun ti o n fi ori ati okan re ro. Mo ro o loni, gbe ori ati okan re le wiwa Olorun. Se akiyesi awon ese Bibeli ti o feran julo ki o si fi won si iranti re. nigbati o ba wo fun o, se asaro lori awon ese Bibeli naa. Ronu jinle nipa Olorun ati ife re ailopin. se ipinnu lati wa A, ki o si gbadura pe ki O fi ara re han fun o. Ni igba ti o ba se aferi Olorun gege bi ohun ti o nilo julo,
iwo yio mo riri iye ainipekun ti o ni fun o.

Baba mi Orun, mo pinnu lati gbe okan mi le o loni, mo fi gbogbo okan mi wa o, fi ife re ati ara re han mi loni, fi ona re han mi, ki n le ba o rin ki n si ba o gbe, ki n feran re ni oruko Jesu. Amin

BIBELI KIKA: Filipi 4:6-7

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