Don’t Abide Alone 3 – Be a God Pleaser

Don’t Abide Alone 3 – Be a God Pleaser


MAY 19 THU 2022 

“How can ye believe, which receive honour one of another, and seek not the honour that  cometh from God only?” Jn. 5: 44 

There is nothing wrong with receiving encouragement and praise for a job well done.  And there is nothing wrong with giving encouragement and praise to brethren. But we must all  be careful to not become ‘hooked’ on receiving praise from others, for then we trick ourselves  into believing that just because people say something is good, God has accepted it. It will also  deceive us into thinking that God does not approve of our performance, just because people  have said they don’t like it. 

Secondly, when we are dependent on such praise, we will unconsciously begin actively  seeking it from people. We become ‘people-pleasers’. We should be instead hooked on  receiving praise and approval from God.  

Invest your energy in getting God’s approval for all you do. (2 Tim. 2: 15). 


Heavenly Father, I refuse to let what people would think of me be more important than obeying  You. Help me walk in full obedience, in Jesus name Amen. 

BIBLE READINGS: Hebrews 11:1-6, Genesis 5:21-24 


“Eyin o ti se le gbagbo,eyin ti ngba ogo lodo ara yin, ti ko wa ogo ti o ti Olorun nikan wa?”  Jn. 5: 44 

Ko si ohun to buru pe ki eniyan gba oro iyanju ati iyin fun ise ti a se ti o dara. Ko si si  ohun to buru ninu pe ki a gba awon arakunrin tabi arabirin ni iyanju ki a si yin won. Ani lati sora nigbati a ba nyin eniyan ki o ma ba a ko si ni lori. Nipa sise eleyi a le bo sinu  idekun awon eniyan ti o nfun ni ni oro iwuri. Nje Olorun tewogba iru awon oro iwuri wonyi? Yio  si je ohun itanje ti a ba nro pe Oluwa ko tewogba awon ohun ti a nse; bi awon eniyan ba bu enu  ate lu awon ohun ti a se. 

L’ona keji, ti a ba gbara le iyin eniyan nigbagbogbo, ti a ko ba ni ifunra ao maa wa iru iyin  ba wonyi lati odo eniyan. Ao si di eni ti o nwa ojurere eniyan, dipo ki a duro gangan ninu iyin  Olorun ti o ni itewogba. 

Lo agbara re gege bi eniti o yege ninu ise ti o se, lati odo Olorun. (2Tim 2:15) ADURA 

Baba wa orun mo ko lati ma jeki ohun ti eniyan yio ro nipa mi, se pataki ju igboran si o. Ran mi  lowo lati rin ninu igboran pipe, ni oruko Jesu Amin.  

BIBELI KIKA: Heberu 11:1-6, Genesis 5:21-24 

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