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The Seed

The Seed

“Do everything possible on your part to live in peace with everybody.”

Romans 12:18 GNB

One blessed Sunday service I listened to my Pastor’s wife preached. She said, she struggled with a woman to get a seat in the train while going to work, (as ordinary as this might seem, should we be found struggling with anyone on anything? No! because any mishap could occur) she got the seat and sat down to enjoy the long ride to her destination when the Holy Spirit ministered to her about her wrong and she realised that she should not have done that, having struggle in her spirit she also realised that she had to apologise to make things right. She said she stood up from her seat and went to apologise to the woman who was then sitting on a seat offered to her by another passenger in the train. She concluded by saying that the only way to restore her peace of mind was to say sorry to the woman right there before any of them alighted from the train, as insignificant as this may look it can steal one’s peace. What about you, can you just swallow your pride or carefree attitude to say sorry and make things right while you can to avoid loosing your peace?


Father please help me to make things right when I can. Amen

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