MAY 4 WED 2022 

“I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith” 2 Tim. 4:7 KJV Apostle Paul could say that because he was confident that he had applied himself to the  best of his ability to everything he had to do.  

He knew he had given his best. See the translation of this verse in the Good News Bible  “I have done my best in the race, I have run the full distance, and I have kept the faith”. He was  yet to face the ‘ultimate evaluation’ of his ministry. An evaluation which we all must face (2 Cor.  5: 10). But he knew he could beat his chest and say he did everything he was expected to do, to  

the best of his knowledge and understanding. 

Can you say that too? Can you say you are giving your best in all the spheres of life you are currently operating in? In your family, in your church, at your place of work? Are you doing  your best? We don’t have to worry about the past anymore. But from today, let us give our best  in every place. And we too can confidently say, in the twilight of our days, that we have fought  the good fight…we have kept the faith. 


Heavenly Father help to uphold my commitment to do the best you expect of me every time  and every day, in Jesus name Amen. 

BIBLE READINGS: I Tim. 6:6-14 



Emi ti ja ija rere, emi ti pari ire-ije mi, emi ti pa igbagbo mo. II Tim 4:7 Paulu Aposteli so eyi nitori ti o daa loju wipe on ti fi ara re sile bi iwon agbara re ninu  ohun gbogbo ti o ye ki o se.  

O mo wipe oun ti se iwon ti oun le se, eyi ti eda Bibeli ti oniroyin rere wipe, emi ti se  iwon ti mo le se ninu aye, mo ti sa gbogbo ere ije mi, mo si ti pa igbagbo mo. Ko tile tii koju  idanwo ti o ga julo ninu ise iranse re, ninu eyi ti awa naa yoo ni ipin (II Corin 5:10) 

Sugbon, o mo wipe oun le fi owo so aya wipe oun se ohun gbogbo ti o ye ki oun se ni  iwon imo ati oye re. 

Nje iwo le so eyi? Nje o le so wipe o n se iwon ti o le se ni gbogbo ona aye re? Ninu ebi ni,  ninu ijo Olorun ni, ni ibi ise re ni? Nje o n se iwon ti o le se? A ko tun ni lati se iyonu nipa ohun ti  atijo mo. Sugbon, lati oni lo, e je ki a se iwon ti a le se ninu ohun gbogbo ati ni ibi gbogbo. Nigba naa ni awa yio fi igboya so ni ikehin aye wa wipe, awa ti ja ija rere, asi ti pa igbagbo mo. ADURA 

Baba wa orun, ran mi lowo ki n le se ojuse mi de oju osuwon ti o n reti lati odo mi ni igba  gbogbo ati ni ojo gbogbo ni oruko Jesu. Amin  

BIBELI KIKA: I Tim. 6:6-14 

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