Flee Evil

Abstain from every form of evil. 1 Thessalonian 5:22.

Evil is everything that is against the will of God. All behaviour that the commandment of God is against can be termed evil. Evil is all around us and it has been in existence from the beginning of creation. One of the early evils recorded in the scripture is a man killing his brother and being punished immediately by God. Evil has not stopped in its entirety since that time. We are not to be afraid of evil acts but to stay away or run away from it. We are not to entertain it or dance around it. It is dangerous and it can catch people in its webs. When Joseph was lured into an act of evil with Potiphar’s wife he physically ran away and left his cloth with her. Flee every appearance of evil.

I receive the grace to abstain from every evil in Jesus name. Amen.
BIBLE READINGS: Genesis 39:7-12


E maa takete si oun ti o jo ibi. 1 Tesalonika 5:22

Ibi je oun ti o tako ofin Olorun. Gbogbo oun ti o se ilodi si ofin Olorun ni a le pe ni Ibi. Ibi je oun ti o wa ni agbegbe wa ti o si ti wa lati ipinlese wa. Ninu awon ibi ti o ti sele ninu Bibeli ni igba ti okunrin kan pa aburo re ti Olorun si fi Iya re je. Lati igba naa, ibi ko tii dopin. A ko gbudo beru ibi sugbon a gbudo ma du lati ma yera fun ibi nigba gbogbo. Ibi je oun ti o buru jai, ti a ko si gbudo rin ni agbegbe re. Nigba ti iyawo Portifa fe fa Josefu lati wuwa ibi, Josefu sa fun ibi tobe ti aso re ya si owo iyawo Portifa. E je ki a du lati ma sa fun ibi nigba gbogbo.

Ki Oluwa fun mi ni ore-ofe lati le jinna si ibi. Amin
BIBELI KIKA: Gen 39:7-12

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