Glorifying God Like The Psalmist

“The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speeches.” Psalm 19:1-2

Consider the manners in which we can glorify God. At the point when we talk, we can extol God with our words. We can discuss God in manners that honour him.
We can convey God’s affection for ourselves and for the entire world. We likewise learn and develop to be familiar with God’s greatness when we hear others talk about it. Psalm 19 demonstrates the way that we might in fact find out about God’s magnificence through nature. According to it, “Heaven pronounces the brilliance of God.” Another method for putting it, as per this Psalm, is that “the skies declare the work of His hands.” This is an unusual and wonderful picture. The sky can’t talk! The Psalmist recognizes this in verse 3: “They have no speech; they use no words; no sound is heard from them.” And yet the sky, by its basic, lovely presence, communicates to the world about God, its maker. God has made a lovely world. This world, basically by being what God made it to be, gives voice to the excellence of God himself. Individuals can celebrate God with their words, by cherishing one another and themselves, and being caring toward the world that God loves. The sky utilises its mists, rainbows, and shades of grey and blue to tell about the greatness of God. Consider everything that could be accomplished as we utilise our words and, surprisingly, our entire life to share about the magnificence of our extraordinary God!

Great God, fair as the sky announces your wonderful love and power, enable me to glorify you in all I think, say, and do. Amen.




“Awon orun nsoro ogo Olorun, ofurufu nfi ise owo re han…” Orin Dafidi 19:1-2

Eronu awon ona ti a le gba fi ogo fun Olorun. Nigba ti a ba nsoro, a le fi oro wa gbe Oluwa ga. A le so oro nipa Olorun, ni ona ti o bu ola fun. A le so nipa ife Olorun fun wa ati fun gbogbo aye. Titobi Olorun ma nye wa si nigba ti a ba ngbo ti elomiran so oro na. psalm 19 se apejuwe bi a se mo titobi Olorun nipa awo oun ti o da. O so wipe Orun nsoro ogo Olorun, ofurufu nfi ise oo re han. Apejuwe ti o dara ni eyi. Bi o tile je wipe ofurufu ko le soro, a o le gbo ohun re sugbon nipa ewa re, o soro nipa Olorun eleda re fun gbogbo aye. Olorun da aye ti o dara, aye naa nso oro nipa ailasise Olorun. Awon eniyan le gbe Olorun ga pelu oro won, nipa fifi ife han si ara won ati nipa sise ike fun aye ti Olorun feran. Ofurufu nfi awo re lorisirisi juwe titobi Olorun. E maa ro oungbogbo ti oro wa ati aye wa le se nipa siso nipa ola nla Olorun wa.

Olorun ti o tobi, ofurufu nso nipa ife ati agbara re, ranmilowo lati fi ogo fun o ninu gbogbo ero ati oro ati ise mi. Amin

BIBELI KIKA: Orin Dafidi 19

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