Fixed On The Eternal Life

“We fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.” 2 Corinthians 4:18

Perhaps you have had a few extraordinary times with loved ones, with delightful food to appreciate, and maybe even a bright, blue sky above, a delicate breeze blowing, and the world emanating God’s magnificence in creation. As children of God, our passing moment of joy in this life fails to measure up to the eternal satisfaction we can anticipate in Christ. However, this we know with assurance: at some point, we will stand before God’s throne with Jesus, surrounded by His glory, totally free from all feelings of fear, and filled up with amazing peace and joy (Revelation 7). In Heaven, we will be doing what we were created for: “to worship God and appreciate him until the end of time”. Moments may come in the midst of struggles, challenges, and sometimes even great defeat. However, we are urged not to surrender in that frame of mind of difficult situations; however, to hang tight with trust for the day when Jesus will be all and all, when his realm will come in power and greatness. It is never too late to turn to Jesus, that we may have eternal joy.

Heavenly Father, my family and I look forward to being with you till eternity. Before the end, help us serve you in truth, in spirit and in love. Amen




“Niwon bi a ko ti wo oun ti a nri, bikose oun ti a ko ri” 2 Korinti 4:18

O ti le ni awon akoko ti o dara pelu awon eniti o feran, pelu ounje to dara, ninu afere ti dara ti o nfi ogo iseda Olorun han. Sugbon gbogbo awon asiko ayo ti a ti ri ninu aye yi, ao le fi diwon itelorun ayeraye ti o wa ninu Kristi. Oun ti o daju ni wipe, ao duro niwaju ite Olorun pelu Jesu, ti ao bo lowo eru, ti Alafia ati ayo yio si kun inu wa (Ifihan 7) Ni Orun, oun ti a da wa fun ni ao maa se ti o je lati maa sin olorun ki a si maa fi ope fun titi opin ojo. Ni igba ti a ba ri ipenija, ilakaka ati ijakule, a ro wa ki a mase gba awon isele yi laye lati bori okan wa bikose ki a gba Jesu gbo fun oun gbogbo. Ko tii pe ju lati yi okan wa pada si odo Jesu, ki a baa le ni ipin ninu ayo ayeraye.

Baba orun, emi ati ebi mi foju sona lati wa pelu re ni ayeraye. Ki opin to de, ranwa lowo lati sin o ninu otito, ninu emi ati ninu ife. Amin


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