Speck In The Eye

“And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.” Luke 6:31

The world would be a better place if we all lived by this standard in the opening scripture. Everybody wants to be loved, respected, treated with kindness, etc. We should do likewise to others. Those who live a carnal sensual life, instead of devoting themselves to the honour of God and the good of others, must not expect any other fruit than corruption and destruction. They live only for a temporary satisfaction of the present, and they will reap the ruin and misery at the end of it. It is absurd for anyone to pretend to be so wise as to see the smallest faults in others, like a speck or a mote, when their own heart is so perfectly hardened to the extent that they themselves cannot perceive that there is something as large as a beam in their own eye.
Dearly beloved, be perfect if you want to point out the imperfection of others. Remember our goal is to win people to the kingdom of God, not to shut the kingdom of God in people’s faces. We can tell the truth about condemnation without condemning. We can tell the truth about judgement without being judgmental.

O Lord teach me to behold the speck in my eyes in order to be pleasing unto you. In Jesus name, Amen.




“Gege bi eyin si ti fe ki eniyan se siyin, ki eyin ki o si se bee pelu” Luke 6:31

Ile aye iba je ibi ti o dara ti a ba le gbe igbe aye w ani ilana eko bibeli ti a ka yi. Gbogbo eniyan lo nilo ife, iyi ati ike. O ye ki a se be gege si ara wa. Gbogbo awon ti o ngbe igbe aye ibaje, nigba ti o ye ki won fi ara won jin lati bu ola fun Olorun ati iserere awon elomiran, iru awon eniyan bayi o le reti eso miran yato si ibaje ati iparun. Awon nkan wonyi je itura ti o kuru, o si ma nmu iparun ati iyonu wa. Ko ye ki eniyan gbon ju ni oju ara re lati maa ri aisedeede elomiran nigbati okan tire gaan le koko debi wipe ko le ri aisedeede ara tire. Ara, a ni lati je pipe ti a ba fe fi aipe elomiran han won. E ranti wipe afojusun wa ni lati jere awon eniyan si ijoba Olorun. A le so otito nipa idanilebi lai da eniyan lebi, A si le so otito nipa idajo lai da eniyan lejo.

Oluwa, ko mi lati ri ipin inu oju mi, ki nle maa te o lorun ni oruko Jesu. Amin.


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