God Is Not A Magician II

“Go,” he told him, “wash in the Pool of Siloam” (this word means “Sent”). So the man went and washed, and came home seeing. John 9: 7 NKJV

God is not a Magician; He always follows some sort of process. And we always have a part to play in that process; no matter how small or insignificant that part seems to us. This is an important point as many believers are not seeing the promises of God come to pass, because they are just ‘waiting’ for something to happen. We are not to ‘help’ God, but if we listen to the Holy Spirit and are obedient, we will know what God expects us to do to see our miracle come to pass. Critically examine the most significant miracles you have had in your life, and you will notice that there were things YOU had to do before the miracle happened. God always has a process, and you have a part in that process.

Heavenly Father open my eyes to my part of the process to obtain the things You have promised me, in Jesus name Amen.


“Ó sì wí fún un pé, “Lọ wẹ̀ nínú adágún Siloamu!” (Ìtumọ̀ ọ̀rọ̀ yìí ni “rán”). Nítorí náà ó gba ọ̀nà rẹ̀ lọ, ó wẹ̀, ó sì dé, ó ń ríran.” Johannu 9:7

Olorun kii se alalupayida. Olorun maa n ni eto lati se ise Re. Awa si ni ipa lati ko ninu eto Re yii, botiwu ko kere mo. Eyi se pataki nitori opolopo onigbagbo ni ko ri ileri Oluwa, nitoriwipe won duro gbii lai se ohunkohun. Nitooto, a ko le ran Olorun lowo sugbon bi a ba fetisile si ohun Emi Mimo ti a si gboran, away yio mo oun ti Oluwa fe ka se fun ileri re lati wa si imuse. Ye awon iyanu ti o ti rigba sehin wo, iwo yio s’akiyesi awon oun kan ti o se ki iyanu naa to sele. Olorun maa n se ise Re letoleto, iwo naa si ni ise se ninu eto yii.

Baba Orun, si oju mi si ipa ti emi ni, lati gba ileri Re, ni oruko Jesu Amin.
BIBELI KIKA: Johannu 9: 1-7

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