Then He took the cup, and when He had given thanks He gave it to them, and they all drank from it.. Mark 14: 23 NKJV

In all things, give thanks to God. Jesus Christ always seemed to be saying “Thank you, Father” Gratitude to God must become a habit for us as well. This serves a practical and helpful purpose; Gratitude focuses our minds and thoughts on the ability of God that can make all things possible and removes our minds from the challenges we may be passing through. Whatever you focus on becomes more influential in your life. Nothing is bigger than God. So focus your heart on God by being grateful continually, and no challenge will ever overcome you.

Heavenly Father I thank you because of who You are and the fact that You are my Father, in Jesus name Amen.
BIBLE READINGS:  Mark 14: 23


Bákan náà, ó sì mú ago wáìnì, ó dúpẹ́ fún un, ó sì gbé e fún wọn. Gbogbo wọn sì mu nínú rẹ̀. Marku 14:23

Ninu ohun gbogbo, maa fi ope fun Olorun. Ni gbogbo igba ni Jesu Kristi maa n wipe “O se Baba.” Imoore Olorun gbudo je iwa re nigbagbogbo. Anfani ti o wa ninu eleyi ko kere rara. Imoore maa n fi okan ati ero wa sodo Olorun, eni ti o lee se ohun gbogbo. Aa si maa mu okan wa kuro ninu idojuko tabi wahala ti a le maa la koja. Ohun ti o ba n fi okan si a maa ni ipa lori re. Ko si ohun ti o tobi ju Olorun lo. Nitorinaa fi okan re si odo Olorun ninu imoore ojojumo, ko si si isoro ti yio bori emi re.

Baba Orun, mo dupe nitori ohun ti e je si mi, ati nitoripe e je Baba fun mi ni oruko Jesu. Amin.
BIBELI KIKA: Marku 14:23

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