“While Peter yet spoke these words, the Holy spirit fell on all of them which heard the  word.” Acts 10:44 

Our God moves in mysterious ways, His ways are unsearchable. Apostle Peter was in the  house of Cornelius, a gentile. Whilst speaking with Cornelius and his household, as led by the  Holy Spirit, they all received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, right in the middle of admonition or  sermon. In another instance, our Lord Jesus Christ, after water baptism, the bible said, heaven  opened and the Holy Ghost descended upon him, Luke 3: 21 – 22.  

In another instance in Acts 8, Philip went down to Samaria and preached; miracles  happened, 16 people believed him and were baptized, yet the gift of the Holy Spirit did not fall  on them. Apostle Peter and John were sent and they prayed and laid hands before they could  receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.  

In the house of Cornelius, Acts 10- 45, even the circumcised believers were astonished  that on the gift of the Holy Spirit was poured out even on the gentiles. Our God is unstoppable,  what he wants to do, He will do and even no protocol can hold Him. His ways are different from  our ways. 

(Please read Acts10:23-48 for more understanding) 


Lord, that which you have purposed to do in my life, do it Lord without any hinderance. Amen  BIBLE READINGS: Isaiah 55: 8-9, Ephesians 2: 8-10 



“Bi Peteru si ti nso oro wonyi li enu, Emi mimo bale gbogbo awon ti o ngbo oro naa.” Ise  10:44 

Ona ara ni Olorun wa ngba se ise, ona re ko si eni ti o mo o. Peteru Aposteli ninu Ile  Korneliu alaikola, nigbati o nba Korneliu soro, ati awon ara ile re, bi a ti se ti owo emi dari re:  gbogbo won si gba ibatisi ti emi ni arin iwasu. 

Ni akoko miran Jesu Kristi Oluwa wa, Lehin igbati a fi omi baptisi Re, bibeli so wipe orun  si, emi mimo si sokale le e lori Luku 3:22-22. 

Ninu apere miran ninu iwe Ise Aposteli, ori kejo Filipi sokale lo si Samaria lati lo i waasu, ise iyanu kan sele, eniyan merindilogun gba a gbo o baptisi won: sibe ebun emi mimo ko  bale won, a ran awon Aposteli Peteru ati Johanu, won gbadura ati igbowole, ki won to le e gba  ebun emi mimo. 

Ni Inu ile Korneliu, Ise Aposteli 10:45 eru ba awon onigbagbo ti a ko ni ila papa, fun ebun  emi mimo ti o tu jade si ori awon alaikola. Olorun wa ko se e daduro, ohun ti o ba fe se ni yio se,  yio se ko si si igbimo kan ti o le e mu lowo dani. Ona Re yato si awon ona wa. (E jowo e gbiyanju lati ka lse awon Aposteli 10:23-48) 


Oluwa eyi ti e ti pinu lati se ninu aye mi, E se e lai si idena. Amin  

BIBELI KIKA: Isaiah 55: 8-9, Ephesians 2: 8-10 

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