“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens:”  Eccl 3:1 NIV 

 Human beings generally live under the wrong idea that we can do what we like with our  time. In the reality of the word of God, this idea is not established. In fact, we don’t own anytime  apart from the one God has apportioned to us which we are going to account for in the end. 

If you were loaned some money to start a business, does that mean the money belongs  to you? The answer is no! Our lives have been timed by the creator right from our conception to  birth and through to the last breath we would breathe.  

The time given to us by God takes us through our seasons in life and how you make use  of your time will determine how your season will be. If you engage your time in productive  activity as a youth, by the grace of God, when that season ends, the reward of your faithfulness  will await you to be enjoyed in the next season. As a parent, if you invest your time in raising  godly children, when the season is over, by the grace of God, the fruit will await you in the  season of old age to enjoy. The lesson is that we are all timed to achieve our purpose on earth. Let us use our time in a productive manner that will bring glory to the name of God. PRAYER 

Father in Jesus Name, help me to be time conscious as I pursue my purpose on earth and let  my time usher me into rewarding seasons of life. Amen  

BIBLE READINGS: Eccl 3:1-end 



“Olukuluku ohungbogbo li akoko wa fun, ati igba fun ise gbogbo labe orun.”Oniwasu 3:1 Awon omo eniyan l’apapo ngbe ni abe oye to lodi, pe a le se ohun to wun wa pelu akoko  wa. Oye yi ko f’ese mule ni abe oro Olorun. Lotito, a ko ni igba kankan fun ara wa yato fun eleyi  ti Olorun fun wa, ti a o si se alaye bi ati se lo o. 

Ti a ba fun o ni owo lati fi bere ise ni sise, nje eyi tumo si wipe iwo ni o ni iru owo be e?  Idahun re nipe be e ko! Bi i Kristeni, a gbodo je ki o ye wa, gege bi ese oro bibeli ti a ka: pe a ti  fun igbe aye wa ni akoko lati odo eleda; bere lati inu oyun de igba ti a bi wa, titi o fi di opin eemi  wa ikehin. 

Akoko ti Olorun fun wa mu wa la igba aye wa koja ati bi a ti se lo akoko wa, yio so bi igba  wa yio ti ri. Ti o ba lo asiko re dara dara nigba odo; nipa oreofe Olorun, nigbati ohun gbogbo ba  pari, o o je adun ere isododo ni asiko ti o ba kan. 

Gege bi obi, ti o ba le lo akoko re lati to awon omo ti o ni iwa bi Olorun; nigbati asiko naa  ba koja, nipa oreofe Olorun, o o je igbadun ere re ni ojo ale. Eko ti a ri ko ni wipe asiko wa fun  wa lati se aseyori lori erongba laye. E je ki a lo asiko wa ni ona ti yio mu eso jade ti yio mu ogo  ba ise Olorun. 


Baba ni oruko Jesu ranmilowo lati le lo akoko mi ni, lati lepa ilepa mi ninu aye, ki asiko mi le mu  ere wa igba tire. Amin. 

BIBELI KIKA: Oniwasu 3:1-ipari 

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