“From heaven the Lord looks down and sees all mankind” Psalm 33: 13 NIV.

One unique selling point for the hospitality sector (hotels) is the use of advertising  mechanisms, with a core focus on the uniqueness of their rooms having a good view. Booking  hotel rooms with a view of the sea or other natural elements is a privilege that makes one  appreciate the works of God.  

God has a perfect view of the world He created, Psalm 24:1.  

According to Psalm 33: 13b, He sees the sons of men and all the inhabitants of the earth.  Interestingly, He fashions our hearts individually, and considers our works. What does that  mean to you personally?  

He has created you with a good heart and He expects you to be good. From the heart  flows the issues of life. For you to live, your heart must be in a good condition. Good thoughts  should fill your heart so God will be pleased whenever He views your heart.  

Is there anything preventing you from being good? Go back to the Creator of your heart  and let Him repair it for you. 


I pray against any deformity that can affect my heart from being good. 

BIBLE READINGS: Psalm 33:13-15 


“Oluwa wo lati orun wa, o ri gbogbo omo eniyan.” Psalm 33:13 

Oun ti awon ile ise itura fi ma nta oja won ni lilo ipolowo, ti yio ma se afihan oun ti  awon yaara won fi tayo. Bi a ba gba yaara ti o dojuko okun tabi awon oun ti Olorun da  miran, o je anfaani lati moriri awon ise Olorun. 

Olorun ni iran ti o pe nipa aye ti o da, psalm 24:1. Gegebi Psalm 33;13b, o ri gbogbo  omo eniyan ati gbogbo oun ti ngbe ni ile aye. O mo okan eni kookan, o now ise wa. Kini  itumo eyi si o gege bi enikan? 

O ti da o pelu okan ti o dara, o si nreti wipe ki o dara. Lati inu okan ni awon isura ti  nsan jade. Ki to le wa laye, o ni lati ni okan ti o dara. Awon ero ti o dara ni o gbodo kun inu  okan re, ki inu Olorun le maa dun nigba ti o ba wo okan re. 

Nje ounkoun ndi o lowo lati ma dara? Pada si odo eleda okan re, ki o si je ki o ba o tun se. ADURA 

Mo gbadura lodi si aisedede ti o le mu okan mi lati ma dara. 

BIBELI KIKA: Orin Dafidi 33:13-15 

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