“How many are your works, Lord! In wisdom you made them all; the earth is full of your  creatures.” Psalm 104: 24 NIV 

When I arrived abroad with my children, the house was already equipped with the  necessary things for our comfort, including a list of facilities such as schools, chemist, and  family doctor. 

Psalm 104: 1-end succinctly describes most things we don’t even pay attention to.  The usefulness of these creations should be a reminder to humanity about the sovereignty of  God. He made provisions for us because of our existence, for survival.  

Other things are in the foundation of the earth; the sea with a boundary for it not to  overwhelm us; the plants as food; the darkness for animals to roam about, and daylight for us  to work.  

Verse 29 mentions that He controls the situations that can trouble us. As Jesus has gone  to prepare a place for us, let’s be assured that we will have everything that we need in eternity  when we get there by His grace. 


Lord, create in me a thankful heart that rests in the assurance of Your provision. BIBLE READINGS: Psalm 104 


“Oluwa, ise re ti po to! Ninu ogbon ni iwo se gbogbo won, aye kun fun eda re.” Psalm  104:24 

Ni igba ti mo de ilu alawo funfun pelu awon omo mi, oun gbogbo ti a ni lo fun irorun w  ani won ti pese sile ninu ile naa, pelu akosile oruko ile-iwe ati ile-iwosan. 

Psalm 104 se apejuwe awon oun ti a ko tile fi okan si. 

Iwulo awon iseda wonyi ni lati ran awon eniyan leti nipa titobi Olorun. O ti pese fun wa  nitori ati wa laaye wa. Awon oun miran wa ninu ipilese aye, okun ni ibi ti o le de ki o ma ba bori  wa, awon oun ogbin, gege bi ounje, okunkun fun awon eranko lati maa rin kiri ati oju ojo fun wa  lati maa sise. 

Ese 29 so wipe, o ndari awon isele ti o le da wa laamu. Gegebi Jesu ti lo lati pese aye sile  fun wa, eje ki a ni ifokan bale wipe ao ni oun gbogbo ti a nilo ni ayeraye nigba ti a ba debe pelu  oore ofe re. 


Oluwa, da okan tin dupe sinu mi, ti o si sinmi ninu idaniloju ipese re, 

BIBELI KIKA: Orin Dafidi 104 

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