Hearing God’s Voice

“And after the earthquake a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire: and after the fire is still small voice” 1 Kings 19:12

Our scripture for today shows that Elijah knew that the still small voice was the voice of God. He realized that God doesn’t reveal himself only in powerful and miraculous ways. Hence looking for God only in churches, crusades, rallies could make you miss Him. Do you really want to hear the voice of God? You need to step back from the noise and activity of your busy life. That is when your spiritual ears will be opened to hear the voice of God. There are many voices speaking at a time beside the voice of God. There is a voice of the world around you: the voice of your needs and personal issues, and the voice of the devil. This voice contends with the voice of God and end up putting such persons into confusion and inner conflicts. At such times the victims will lack the wisdom to take the right decisions and because these other voices are seeking to be louder than the voice of God. The “still small voice” of the Almighty will be heard when you take time to be alone with Him. Elijah was alone in 1 Kings 19 when God spoke to him. Moses was on the mountain all by himself when he received the laws and the commandments that guided the Israelites through their wilderness experiences. Hearing God’s voice will make things go right with you. Beloved, if you want things to go right with you, enquire from God, listen to His guidance and follow it conscientiously.

Every spiritual blockage, preventing me from hearing from God clear away now in Jesus name.
BIBLE READINGS: 1 Kings 1:9-18


“Ati leyin isele naa, ina, sugbon Oluwa ko si ninu ina naa, ati leyin ina naa, ohun kele kekere.” I Awon Oba 19:12

Eko Kika wa ti oni fihan wipe Elijah mo wipe ohun Olorun ni ohun kele kekere ni. O mo wipe Olorun kii fi ara re han ni awon ona ti o lagbara ti o si je iyanu nikan. Nitori naa, bi o ba n wa Olorun ninu ijo, ipago, iwode nikan, le mu o jina si. Nje o fe lati gbo ohun Olorun? O ni lati fa eyin kuro ninu awon ohun ti o n se gege bi ise ati kuro ni ibi ariwo. Nigba yi ni eti emi re yio si lati gbo ohun Olorun. Opolopo ohun ni o wa sugbon ti kii se ti Olorun. Ohun kan wa ti nse ti aye, ohun miran ni ti aini ati isoro re, ati omiran, ohun ti esu. Awon ohun wonyi a maa tako ohun ti Olorun, eyi ti o maa n fa iporuuru okan. Ni iru akoko wonyi, irufe eniyan bee le ma ni oye lati se ipinnu ti o dara ati wipe nitori awon ohun iyoku wonyi a maa bori. Ohun kele kekere ni, ti Olorun alagbara ni iwo yio gbo nigba ti o ba wa pelu ohun nikan. Elijah nikan ni o wa nibe (Iwe Awon Oba 19) nigba ti Olorun baa soro. Mose nikan ni o wa ni ori oke nigba ti o gba ofin fun awon omo isreali ninu aginju. Gbigbo ohun Olorun a maa mu ki ohun gbogbo dara fun o. Olufe, bi iwo ba fe ki ohun gbogbo dara fun o, beere lowo Olorun, fetisi itoni re ki o si tele, gbigbo ohun Olorun a maa mu ki irepo wa laarin iwo ati Olorun.

Gbogbo idena emi, ti ko je ki n gbo ohun Olorun, e maa pare loni ni oruko Jesu. Amin.
BIBELI KIKA: 1 Awon Oba 1:9-18

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