Dealing With Evil Foundation

“And Jabez was more honourable than his brethren…” 1 Chronicles 4:9

The story of Jabez vividly reveals the truth about evil foundation and the fact that a man can be delivered from it. Foundations are hidden like the roots of trees. They have no respect for a man’s age, status or achievements, even his level of spirituality. Jabez realised that his foundation has a lot to do with his condition. His mother, as a result of agony named him a child of sorrow. What an evil label. But he took the best decision to get out of the terrible situation and live a victorious life. How? He engaged in desperate prayers. He cried to God for deliverance and God heard him and changed his story. You can experience the same. Desperate prayers from a sincere heart will definitely bring forth an enviable solution! Are you suffering from consequences of evil foundation? Prayer is the answer. Some of these consequences include closed heaven, diverted blessings, unexplainable struggles, disappointment, demotion, losses, bad luck, chronic diseases, strange illness, bad finishing and many more. Many have suffered from all these evils and never gotten solutions to their problems. Jabez refused to die in sorrow and pain. He prayed four prayer points and heaven responded (1Chronicle 4:10). Get ready to pray like Jabez and you will experience a glorious turnaround in Jesus name.

Oh God that answered Jabez and changed his story, appear in my situation and change my story in the name of Jesus. Amen.

BIBLE READINGS: 1 Chronicles 4:9-10


“Jabesi si se olola ju awon arakunrin re lo…” 1 Kronika 4:9

Itan Jabesi fi otito han nipa ipinle buburu ati wipe eniyan le bo kuro ninu re. Ipinle je ohun ti o pamo bii ti gbongbo igi. Ko ni fi se nipa ojo ori, ipo, aseyori tabi bi o ti ga to ninu emi. Jabesi ri wipe ipinle ni se pelu igbesi aye re lopolopo. Iya re pe oruko re ni omo ibanuje nitori irora. Iru apele buburu wo ni eleyi.
Sugbon o ni ipinnu rere lati kuro ninu ipo buburu naa ki o si gbe igbe aye asegún. Bawo? O gba adura taratara. O kigbe pe Olorun for ayipada, Olorun si gbo, o si yi itan re pada. Iwo naa le ni iru ayipada yii. Adura ti a fi itara gba lati inu okan, a maa yanju isoro. Nje o n la wahala koja nitori ipinle buburu? Adura ni idahun. Die ninu awon ohun ti ipinle buburu maa nse ni wipe, a maa se orun mo ni, a maa gba ibukun danu lowo eni, ogun agbara kaka, ijakule, iresile, adanu, ibi, aisan buburu, aisan ajeji, igbeyin buburu ati bee bee lo. Opolopo ni o ti la gbogbo wahala wonyi koja sugbon ti won ko ri ona abayo si isoro won. Jabesi ko lati ku sinu ibanuje ati osi. O gba koko adura merin, Olorun si gbo (1 Kronika 4:10). Gbaradi lati gba adura bii ti Jabesi, iwo yio si ri ayipada to ni ogo ni oruko Jesu.

Iwo Olorun ti o gbo adura Jabesi, ti o si yi itan re pada, fara han ninu aye mi ki o si tun itan ayemi ko ni oruko Jesu. Amin.
BIBELI KIKA: 1 Kronika 4:9-10

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