Prayer Of Agreement

“Again, I say unto you, that if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask it shall be done for them of my father which is in heaven” Matthew 18:19.

Prayer of agreement is when two or more people who are in perfect agreement with one another approach the throne of God, placing same demand before him in the place of prayer. What God is telling us in this verse is that there is extreme power in united prayer. This is not to say that one-on-one individual prayer to God is not powerful and effective. The truth here is that God does not want us to forsake the gathering of the saints Hebrew 10:25. We are made to know through His word that iron sharpens iron (Pro 27:17). You cannot be a lone ranger in life and succeed. You need people just as people need you. Do not go about with the mindset that you do not need the help of your brethren or other believers. A time will come in your life when you will need the strength of other believers to survive or break forth. In Mark 15: 21, Simon a Cyrenian was compelled to bear the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus needed that support at that time! To pray together is to share the burden of a fellow believer. It is a huge encouragement when we do not have to carry a spiritual burden alone. It increases the faith of the group to believe God for the miraculous; it helps us to build each other up and strengthens us; it enables us to share our burdens, making them become lighter and removes every iota of doubt and wavering.

Father Lord, open my eyes to see the areas I need to agree in prayers with my fellow believers and get speedy answer in the name of Jesus
BIBLE READINGS: Matthew 18:19-20
“Mo wi fun yin wipe bi eni meji ninu yin ba fi ohun sokan li aye yi niti ounkoun ti won o bere, a o se fun won lati oda Baba mi ti nbe li orun wa” Matteu 18:19

Adura isokan ni ki eniyan meji tabi jube lo tiwon wa ni isoka pelu arawon, ki won lo si iwaju ite Olorun pelu ibeere won ninu adura. Oun ti Olorun nso fun wa ninu ese bibeli yi ni wipe, agbara nla nbe ninu adura ifowosowopo. Kii se wipe adura a da gba si Olorun ko ni agbara. Otito ni wipe, olorun ko fe ki a ko ipejopo awon ayanfe sile Heb 10:25. Oro re so fun wa wipe, irin lo ngbe irin Owe27:17. Eni t oba nda rin irin ajo aye, ko le tete se oriire, o Nilo awon eniyan, awon eniyan naa si Nilo re. Ma se lero wipe oo Nilo iranlowo enikeni. Asiko kan ma wa ninu aye re ti wa Nilo okun awon onigbagbo bii tire lati fi según. Ninu Mark 15:21, Simoni lo gbe agbelebu Jesu. Jesu Nilo iranlowo ni akoko yen. Nigba ti a ba gb adura papo, a npin ninu ajaga onigbagbo bii tiwa. O fi ni lokan bale wipe aonilo lati da gbe eru wa. O ma nru igbagbo awon eniyan soke lati gba Olorun gbo fun iyanu, o ma nje ki a le gbe ara wa soke ati lati pin ninu isoro ara wa. Eyi si ma je ki eru naa fuye, o si ma mu iyemeji kuro.

Baba, si oju mi si awon ibi ti mo Nilo lati gb adura isokan pelu awon onigbagbo bii temi, ki nsi riidahun to ya ni oruko Jesu.
BIBELI KIKA: Matteu 18:19-20

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