Cling To God’s Word

“The law of thy mouth is better unto me than thousands of gold and silver” Psalm 119:72

The word “cling” means to hold on to something or someone very tightly. As humans, we tend to hold things that are precious and valuable to us very tenaciously. The reason is that we do not want to lose such things and the benefits we derive from them. The Bible gives credence to the excellency of God's word. The word of God is sharper and more powerful than any two-edged sword (Hebrew 4:12). It is more precious than gold and sweeter than honey and the honeycomb (Psalm 119:72). It is more important than our physical food. One of the best decisions you can make in life is making God’s word more precious to you than television, social-media, football and any other thing you are wrongly yoked with or addicted to. The truth is that your entire life depends on God’s word. It has all the answers to your questions and solutions to your problems. Make time for studying it and for praying day and night in your daily schedule (Joshua 1:8). Don’t let anything distract or cut you off from God’s word. No matter the season of life you find yourself, cling to God’s word. No matter the storm or challenge you are faced with, stay in the word, depend absolutely on it. Don’t seek any shortcut or any evil alternative. God is faithful. In God’s inspired living and incomparable word, everything you need is available: salvation, healing, deliverance, breakthrough, prosperity, a godly spouse, fruit of the womb, ministerial breakthrough, victory over your foes, promotion, progress and all-round fulfilment.

Father help me to cling to your word all the days of my life, and esteem it more than my necessary food in the name of Jesus.
BIBLE READINGS: Psalm 119:89-96


“Ofin enu re dara fun mi ju egbeegberun wura ati fadaka lo” Psalm 119:72

Itumo “diro mo” ni wipe ki eniyan di nkan mu sinsin. Gege bi eniyan, a ma ndi owo mo oun ti o ba se pataki si wa. Idi re ni wipe a o fe padanu nkan naa ati awon ere ti a nri nibe. Bibeli se apejuwe bi oro Olorun se lola to. oro Olorun mu ju ida oloju meji lo Heb 4:12. O ni iyi ju wura lo, o si dun ju oyin lo Orin Dafidi 119:72. O se pataki ju ounje ti a nje lo. Ipinu ti o se pataki ti a le se ni aye ni wipe ki a je ki oro Olorun se iyebiye si wa ju ero amohunmaworan lo ati awon oun ti ngba asiko wa. Otito ni wipe gbogbo aye re gbe ara le oro Olorun. O ni idahun si gbogbo ibeere re ati ona abayo si gbogbo isoro re. Wa aye lati maaka bibeli, ki o si maa gbadura ni owuro ati asale lojoojumo (Joshua 1:8). Mase je ki ounkoun gba o kuro ninu oro Olorun. Di oro Olorun mu ninu gbogbo asiko aye ti o ba ti ba
ara re. Ninu gbogbo idojuko re, duro ninu oro naa, gbe ara le patapata. Mase wa ona abuja tabi ona ibi. Olorun je olotito, ohun gbogbo ti o nilo si wa ninu oro re.

Baba ranmilowo lati ro mo oro re ni gbogbo ojo aye mi, ki nsi mo iyi re ju ounje lo ni oruko Jesu.
BIBELI KIKA: Orin Dafidi 119:89-96

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