Jesus Is More Than A Saviour!

Then He pointed to his disciples and said, anyone who does the will of my father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother! Matthew 12:49-50 NLT.

When we read this story in the bible, one thing we need to bear in mind and understand clearly is that Jesus was not teaching us here that our family members are not important, but he was rather telling us that we can have a relationship with him as we would with a family. In as much as Jesus is our saviour and redeemer, He also wants us to have that emotional relationship with Him. He is ready and available to be a mother, a father, a brother, a sister and a friend to us in times of these needs. He is ready to hear you out when you cannot physically approach your earthly family. For some of us who do not have a close and immediate family member, we can go to Jesus to fill in these vacuum in our lives. We can go to him and discuss issues of life as we would with any of our family members and we can be certain that he understand these things. There is no loneliness in God. He understands our needs and have made a way out for these needs to be fulfilled if only we can totally trust and depend on him. Remember when Jesus was leaving this earth, he showed us that he understood the emotional needs of a family and he demonstrated this by handling over his mother Mary to his disciples to
look after. John 19:26-27. Whatever your emotional needs are today, you can talk to Jesus about them!

Father I thank you that you’re able to help and guide me through my emotional situation. Help me to trust you more and more in Jesus name. Amen.
BIBLE READINGS: Matthew 12: 46-50


O si na owo re si awon Omo-ehin re, o wipe, ewo Iya mi ati awon arakunrin mi!, nitori enikeni ti ba se ife Baba mi ti be li orun, on na li arakunrin mi, ati arabinrin mi ati Iya mi. Matiu 12:49-50

Nigba ti a ba ka itan yii ninu Bibeli, oun kan ti a gbudo mo ni wipe Jesu o so wipe oun ko naani awon ebi re, sugbon o je ki a mo wipe a le ni irepo pelu re gegebi ebi re. Niwon igba ti Jesu ti je Olugbala wa, o fe ki a wa ni irepo pelu re naa. O se tan la ti wa ni ipo baba, iya, egbon tabi aburo ati ore fun wa. o se tan lati feti si ohun ebe wa. Fun awon ti ko ba ni ore tabi oludamoran, a le lo si odo Jesu la ti je ore fun wa. A le lo si odo re ki a si ba soro oro igbesi aye wa. O mo ohun ti a fe, o si le fi fun wa, iyen ti a ba gbagbo ninu re. Ti a ba ranti nigba ti Jesu fe fi aye sile, o je ki a mo wipe o mo oun ti a pe ni ebi, o si fi apere lele nigba ti o fi iya re lowo omo
ehin re, John 19:26-27. Ohunkohun ti a ba fe, e je ki a ba Jesu so.

Baba, modupe nitori wipe o maa n ranmilowo, o si maa n to mi sona nigbagbogbo. Ranmilowo lati le ma ni igbagbo ninu re sii Amin.
BIBELI KIKA: Matiu 12:46-50

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